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Newsletter for January 2011

Article 1   The Holy Qur'an Surah No: 11 Surah Hud (HUD)
Article 2   Maulvi Mumtaz Ali - a 19th Century advocate of Women's rights by Asgher Ali   Engineer  (Mumbai, India)
Article 3   Karbala and the Imam Husayn in Persian and Indo-Muslim literature by the late Professor Annemarie Schimmel - Harvard University - Al-Serat, Vol XII (1986)
Article 4   Important Tips for A Healthy, Happy And Prosperous Life

Article 5   Buddhist Mindfulness and Sufi Mysticism: Enlightenment versus Divine Closeness by  Mohammad Nad-e-Ali Shamsi

Article 6   Quaid-e-Azamís Concept Of Pakistan As State By Rizwan Ahmed (Marhoom)
Article 7   A Man's BBQ...
Article 8   Quotes By Bill Gates For Children!!
Article 9   Do all Muslim names have to be Arabic in origin?
Article 10  The Islamic and Christian views of Jesus: a comparison                         from Shahid included below
Article 11  Commonalities and Differences Between Shi'ite and Sunnit Schools of Thought

Article 12  Jalaluddin Rumi







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