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Allah addresses mankind through The Holy Qur’an and we address Allah by our supplications. Though the entire Holy Qur’an is a miracle and the words of Allah, the special merits found in this blessed Surah particularly, can be understood by referring to the narrations, describing the extraordinary excellence and benefits available to the faithful through regular recitation of this Surah.

Islam’s foundation is based on “understanding” and the measure of nearness to Allah is the understanding of Truth. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.S.) is the foremost in knowledge and worship of Allah. Heart of the Universe is the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.S.) as confirmed by The Hadees-e-Qudsi:“Had it not been for you, I would not have created Heavens.” This Surah, which specially pertains to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.S.), becomes the heart of the Holy Qur’an just as he himself is the heart of the world. This Surah starts with an address to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.S.) as the Chief of All Messengers and the Holy Qur’an says on oath that he is among the True Messengers sent by Allah. In a subsequent verse, the Holy Qur’an tells us that all the worlds of existence are wrapped-up and placed in him; that the center and heart of the universe is Muhammad (S.A.W.S.).

A minute study of the whole Qur’an leads us to conclude that its Basic Subjects are related to:

1. Origin of Life

2. The Hereafter

3. Calling people towards religion (Tauheed)

In reality, the heart of this Noble Qur’an is the verses of knowledge about Allah, The Creator and The Recaller.

Surah YaSeen may be divided into four parts:

1.    Muhammad (S.A.W.S.), Holy Qur’an, objective of the message, and the lovers of this Message.

2.    About the three Messengers of Allah and their invitation towards Tauheed.

3.    About The Signs of Allah

4.    Relates to the Day of Judgment, accountability, Paradise and Hell.


Who ever recite Surah al-Yaseen solely for seeking the Pleasure of Allah, all his sins will be forgiven and he will be given reward equal to the reward of reciting the whole Holy Qur’an twelve times. If this Surah is recited near a person who is on his deathbed, then for each letter recited, twelve angels are sent for his forgiveness and they will remain even when the soul is being taken by the Angel of Death. The angels also take part in his funeral rites. If this Surah is recited near a person who is on the verge of passing away (Sakarat-ul-Mawt) then an angel brings a drink from Paradise, and as he drinks, he feels greatly eased.

Recitation of this Surah will bring all Good (Hasana) in this life and life here-after and also safety from all evils in this life and in here-after. What ever are the Hajaat (needs) will be answered by Allah when requested after reciting this Surah. The reward of reciting this Surah is compared to performing Hajj twenty times.

Drinking the water in which this Surah is dissolved cures thousand types of illnesses.

The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.S.) said that every thing has its heart and the heart of Holy Qur’an is Surah YaSeen.He also said that if this Surah is recited in a graveyard then all punishment is lifted for that day from all the graves and the reciter gets the reward equal to the sum of all good deeds performed by all those who are buried in that graveyard.

Imam Jaffer al-Sadiq (A.S.) said that drinking this Surah after writing it in a mixture of Saffron and rose water for seven days ( it should be written fresh for each day) makes a person have such a good memory that he will never forget what ever he hears only once. If he is a debater then he will win the debate. He will command great respect and attain high status. If a breast-feeding woman drinks it, it will increase the milk.

Imam Jaffer al-Sadiq (A.S.) said that whoever recites this Surah in the morning will be protected from all calamities and problems during the day and whoever recites this Surah at night will be protected from Shaitaan by seventy thousand angels. Recitation of this Surah saves the reciter from the squeezing of the grave and its torments. Passing the difficult stages in the hereafter will also be made easy for him.

Whoever keeps this Sura in his possession will be protected from the jealousy of people.

It also acts as a cure from disease.








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