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This is the greatest event in Islamic history and a victory of the last divine message against the Christian faith which was subsequently tampered with by the vested interests. But it is an irony that because of blind following of companions of the Holy Prophet and to ignore every merit and piety of Ahle Bayt or progeny of the Holy Prophet that Muslims in general do not celebrate this Eid. The Holy Script of Injeel was revealed on the Prophet Eisa or Jesus but because of the alterations in the original Injeel and misleading by certain verses, the Christians started believing in Trinity; Holy Father, Holy Son and Holy Spirit. They said that Prophet Eisa was the son. After the Holy Prophet declared his prophet hood and invited people towards unity of Allah, the Christians of Najran, a city in modern Saudi Arabiacame as a delegation of priests headed by their chief Abdul Masih to argue about Prophet Eisa. This was year 10 A.H.

They came in glittering attire and tried to meet the Holy Prophet, who turned away his face.

Upon enquiry, Imam Ali, who was familiar with the Prophetical approach, advised them to return in simple dress. Hence the Holy Prophet discussed the status of Prophet Eisa. On the question of his father, the Holy Prophet repeated the Quranic verse which stressed the resemblance of Prophet Eisa to Prophet Adam who was created without parents (chapter 3 verse 59). When every argument was exhausted, the verse of Mubahelah was revealed: “To those that argue with you concerning Eisa after the knowledge you have received say’ come let us gather our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves. We will pray together and call down the curse of Allah on every liar”. In those days, when God’s curse was invoked, the liars were punished immediately. Hence this was a test not only of the prophecy but also the truthfulness of who ever was taken by the Holy Prophet.

Next day, the Holy Prophet came out with Imam Hussain in his lap, holding the hand of Imam Hasan, followed by Bibi Fatima Zahra and Imam Ali at her back. They came out to invoke the curse of Allah on the liars. Seeing these illuminating faces (of course Bibi Fatima was in hijab)

the chief priest told his colleagues “ I am seeing such faces that if they pray, the mountains will start to move”. Consequently, they refused to do “Mubahelah”.


1.    They accepted the Islamic faith of unity of God.

2.    It was established as to who was the Ahle Bayt and also their prestige in Allah’s sight.

3.    In the light of Quranic words-bring your sons, we bring our sons, the Holy Prophet took Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain, who were his grandsons.

4.    Similarly, to represent women, the Holy Prophet took Bibi Fatima with him. Although the word used was plural. The Holy Prophet did not take any of his wives.

5.    Imam Ali represented the Holy Prophet as “Nafse Rasool”

6.    The criteria for selection was “absolute and perfect truthfulness” because if any one would have ever lied in their life time, then the curse of God would have befallen on them.It was the greatest challenge to Islam.

7.    It is unfortunate that the Christians of the time recognized the Panjetan and accepted their defeat, but the Muslims did not perceive their exalted position with Allah.








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