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The revelations of the Holy Quran were almost complete, except the last two verses, and the Holy Prophet had performed last Hajj and was returning to Medina.

The Archangel Jibraeel descended with the verse, “O Messenger, announce that which has been revealed to you from your Lord, and if you do not, then you have not conveyed His message. And Allah will protect you from the people. Indeed, Allah does not guide the disbelieving people.” Sura Ma’ida verse 67.

At a place called Ghadeer-e-Khum, which was at the cross-road from where roads split in different directions. Sun was burning the desert and the Holy Prophet asked Bilal to recite Azaan using “Haiyya Ala Khairil Amal” meaning “Hasten for the virtuous deed”. Thousands of Hajjis congregated to listen to Holy Prophet.

He delivered the last sermon of his life. In short, he told the crowd that soon he will go back to Allah and that he was leaving behind The Holy Quran and The Ahle Bait and further, if people were attached to both of them, they will be successful in both worlds. He then raised Imam Ali and said, “ Whosever’s I am maula, Ali is also his maula”.

A tent was installed and Imam Ali was crowned as successor to The Holy Prophet. Hazrat Umer and Abubaker congratulated Imam Ali among thousands of hajjis. The last verse of the Holy Quran was revealed: “This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion.”

Significant points to be noted from the above events. After completing his life time mission to deliver the Divine Message of Holy Quran and establishing his Sunna in daily life, there was nothing left to be done except declaring the khilafat of Imam Ali for which The Holy Prophet knew that his companions will not accept the appointment.

Then Allah’s command came to perform this task and further warned that if he did not comply with it that will be construed as if he did not do his duty. Further, Allah assured the Holy Prophet that He will protect the Holy Prophet from the people. And when Imam Ali was crowned as successor then the last verse was revealed declaring the perfection of Deen and completion of His Bounties.

Over the centuries, translators of the Holy Quran tried to hide the truth and made excuses to either completely ignore this historic occasion or interpreted the meaning of the word maula as friend. It is self evident that in the scorching heat of desert the Prophet of Allah stopped thousands of hajjis to let them know that Imam Ali was his friend.

Moreover, Allah commanded the prophet to announce the khilafat of Imam Ali and if he did not do so then his life-time mission of messenger was in jeopardy. And as soon as his khilafat was solemnized the last verse of Holy Quran was revealed confirming the perfection of Dean, completion of His bounties to mankind and formal approval of Islam as religion.

It is clear as crystal that without khilafat of Imam Ali, neither prophet hood was complete nor Dean was perfect. There is no need to elaborate further. During his last sermon the Holy Prophet also reminded Muslims to convey the message to all who were not present.

May Allah grant us taufeeq to perceive the truth and follow the right path.








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