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The book was published by the Research Center at Strasburg, France. This was the result of research work performed by 25 scholars from Europe, United States of America except 2 scholars who were from Middle East. The book was originally compiled in French, but subsequently was translated in other languages including Persian and Urdu. It has 55 chapters covering various scientific, astronomical, religious, and social aspects. The book was written with a pure scientific background without any regard to religious affiliations as majority of scholars are non-Muslims. The scholars have called Imam Jaffer AlSadiq, the superman of Islam. I will Endeavour to select topics of general interest. 

Eating & Diseases:

To protect life, avoid excesses in eating and drinking. Excess in eating may cause a person to die prematurely before the natural death. Imam Ali had said, ”Do not make your stomachs the graveyard of animals”. The Imam advises people not to eat excessive meat as this may lead to premature death in some cases. A person apparently looks healthy but he is sick inside and he may become unconscious and die. People who eat meat or other heavy foods in excess may still feel hungry and without feeling pain may develop sleeplessness. Accidental death is of three types;

Diseases of brain, heart and blood. In the end the accidental diseases are caused by sickness of blood which attacks heart, and brain. This sickness of blood is caused by eating too much meat or other heavy (saturated fats) foods. Modern science also confirms death by heart diseases, stroke affecting brain and blood cancer. People who eat such food in moderation may live longer.

Imam Jaffer AlSadiq said that there were two types of death; natural and accidental. A man meets his natural or fixed death when he leads a normal life and does not resort to excess in eating and drinking and when the ascertained time of death arrives he will die. The other type of death is that when a man by his own folly of excesses in life brings his own death prematurely. In reply to a question as to what is death, the Imam said that death is the stoppage of bodily functions specially the heart and breathing. Death is the transformation from one condition to the other and nothing in this world remains in one condition.  

Human body:

All materials which are found in the soil are found in human body but in varied quantities.

There are four items found in large quantity and then there are eight items that are comparatively in lesser quantity and lastly there are eight items which are in very small quantity.

Modern biology confirms Imam’s statement. The four elements found in large quantity are carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Next elements found in comparatively smaller quantity are magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, chlorine, sulpher, and iron. The trace elements are molybdenum, selenium, fluorine, cobalt, manganese, iodine, zinc, and aluminum.

One day a man named Abu Shakir asked Imam Jaffer AlSadiq about the existence of Allah. He said that he did not believe in any thing if it could not be comprehended by five senses. The Imam asked him if he could see inside his body to which he replied in negative. The Imam told him that there was blood circulating in your body which completes one circulation in a few minutes. And further, if the circulation stops for a few minutes then death would occur. The Imam told him that there were creatures in the body in millions which you cannot comprehend by five senses but Allah had created them for human beings safety. Imam Ali had said “who ever knows himself shall know his Creator”. Imam further said that there was movement in the stone which was beyond five senses comprehension. Imam’s statement was confirmed by the US magazine “The Knowledge” in its issue of June 1973. In response to Abu Shakir’s assertion that every thing in the world was created automatically, the Imam told him that grass did not grow by itself. Grass grows by the seed fallen in the soil, rain water soaks it, the solar energy and air was essential for it growth. The air was necessary for human and plant life but not comprehended by five senses. 

The Imam said that a Creator is essential for every thing whether humans, plants, animals or rocks. Even scholars who did not believe in God as such but still concluded that there must be some super power which initiated the creation of this universe. If an intelligent person ponders about his own body and its disciplined systems will realize about the Creator of his body and the entire world. The Imam further said that every thing in this world was moving. There was movement in side our bodies and the earth is also moving. The Imam said that stone was in a liquid form but slowly the heat was lost and over a long period of time it became solid. To one of his questions about Allah’s existence every where, the Imam replied that air was every where but we cannot see it. Similarly, Allah is every where but cannot be seen. Not only human beings pray to Allah but the animals and birds also pray but we do not understand their language. In spring time, the birds migrate at exactly the same time every year and make nestles at the same place year after year. This discipline shows its faith in the Creator. Plants also have faith and pray in their own way as is evident from their organized way of life. He further said that there were 150 types of plants which have further sub branches. Incidentally, the modern botany also divides plants in 150 types. Plants follow the Creator’s rules and regulations faithfully and punctually. Even the stones pray in its own way and if it did not, then its life would be disrupted and it will explode. The sun’s light is also worshipping Allah. As it strictly follows the divine commandments and hence the two opposite components which do not produce light by themselves are able to produce light when they meet according to Allah’s directions.

Theory of Rotation around the sun:

Imam Jaffer as Sadiq was 11 years old and was a student in his father’s school when he challenged the prevalent theory of Ptolemy about heavenly bodies that sun and the stars were revolving around the earth. Copernicus, a Polish scientist (1473-1543) said the same thing which the Imam had said about 1000 years earlier. 

System of Medicine of Jaffer asSadiq:

His research and his theories had a great impact on science of medicine.

During the 2nd and 3rdcenturies of Hijra, most of the physicians in the East followed the methods of diagnosis and treatment prescribed by him. In cases where the condition of the patient was such that a physician could not know whether he was dead or alive, Imam Jaffer asSadiq had suggested that a small incision should be made in his body, especially between his two fingers.

If blood comes out, it was a sign that he was alive. His theory was practically demonstrated during the 2nd Hijra when the cousin of Abbasid caliph, Haroon Rashid was very sick and the royal physician told the caliph that his cousin will die before dawn. Another physician, Ibne

Behla assured the caliph of his sound health. Next morning, the cousin died and his body was washed and shrouded. The Caliph summoned Ibne Behla. Ibne Behla requested that his body be placed in normal clothing because when he was revived he may die after seeing himself in the traditional shroud. Ibne Behla then made an incision between his left two fingers. Blood started to flow and the patient opened his eyes. 

Theory of Four Elements:

At the age of 12, Imam Jaffer asSadiq rejected the Aristotle’s theory of four elements-earth, water, fire and air. He said that earth was not an element but there were many elements in it.

About one thousand years after Aristotle, a young 12 years boy from Medina proved him wrong.

When Imam Jaffer asSadiq grew up and started teaching in his institute, he proved that water, air and fire were also not elements. One thousand one hundred years before the European scientists discovered that air was not an element, Imam Jaffer asSadiq said that air was a mixture of elements. He further said that there were many elements in the air which were essential for breathing. Now we know that there is oxygen and ozone in the air which helps in breathing. Imam Jaffer asSadiq was the first person in history who said that oxygen produces acidity. He said that this element is so active and strong that if it is separated from air in a pure form, it would burn even iron. It is now proved that if we take a piece of red hot iron and plunge it in pure oxygen, it will burn with a luminous flame. It is reported that Imam Jaffer asSadiq’s father had said that by using scientific methods we can produce fire from water. In 18th century, this was proved by burning hydrogen with oxygen; a flame of fire with a temperature range of 667 degrees was produced. It is now called oxidation and is used in welding and cutting metals.

Imam Jaffer asSadiq had also said that the element which supports life is heavier than all other elements in the air. It was a very important discovery. The world had to wait for about 1000 years till Lavoisier proved that oxygen is so heavy that in 9 kilograms of water, there are 8 kilograms of oxygen.  

Theory of Earth’s Rotation on its Axis:

Imam Jaffer asSadiq had suggested that earth was revolving around its axis. There were people like Poincare, a great scholar who died in 1912, who did not believe in the axial movement of earth. This rotation can only be proved by observation. When astronauts landed on the surface of the moon and turned their telescope towards earth, they could see the earth was moving slowly.

There is no star in our galaxy which does not rotate around itself. Imam Jaffer asSadiq must have known the Laws of Mechanics which postulates that when two forces work on an object in such a way that one force pushes it away from the centre and other force pulls it towards the centre, then it starts to spin. This is called Centripetal Force and Centrifugal Force.








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