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Divine Qaza means a Divine decree in respect of the occurrences and events and the Divine Qadar means estimations of the phenomena and the events. Divine Qaza requires that the world order should be based on the system of cause and effect. Allah has decreed that man should have intellect and will and within the limited sphere of his natural and social conditions, should be able, to a great extent; take his destiny in his own hands.

Man is born devoid of any qualities and faculties but is capable of acquiring them and become master of his destiny. All causes are manifestations of the divinely ordained fate and destiny.

Holy Qur’an suratad-Dahr verse 3 “We showed man the way so that he may choose, of his own accord either the way we showed him and be grateful or go the other way that is the way of ingratitude and disbelief”. Knowledge enables him to make his future as he likes. Faith guides him to choose a way which is beneficial to him self and the society. It gives directions to his decisions and makes them embrace spiritualities in addition to material advancement.

But man’s freedom of choice is limited by these factors; heredity, natural and geographical environment, social atmosphere, history and time factor.

From the above discussions it may be concluded that man is neither completely independent nor completely dependent on his destiny in his actions. Once a man enquired about it from Imam Ali, he ordered the enquirer to lift his one leg and when lifted one leg, Imam Ali asked him to lift the other leg. The man replied that he cannot do it, whereupon Imam Ali said that is your limitation.

Some people have been misled by the Qur’anic verses in which Allah proclaims about His knowledge of events in the world. They falsely presume that man cannot do any thing without Allah’s approval. They disclaim responsibility of their sins claiming that Allah wanted them to do certain acts. The whole concept of rewards and punishment will collapse if Allah, God forbid, forces a person to commit a sin and later send him to Hellfire.

The Thinker of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal said in one of his poems:

Taghdeer ke paband jamadat o nabatat Momin faqat Ahkaam e Ilahi ka hai paband

Stones and plants are the ones who are bound by destiny but faithful is led by the orders of Allah.

Moreover, Imam Ali has warned his followers not to wander on the path of ‘Qaza o Qadar’ as the chances of being misled are enormous. He said“Our affairs are attached to the destiny decreed by Allah, even our best plans may lead us to destruction” Giving instructions in a battlefield, Imam Ali had advised his son: “My son! Remember that real help comes from Allah” Man is like an electric bulb, which needs to remain connected with the powerhouse (Allah) for remaining on. But he is free to light up either a mosque or a nightclub. Suratal-Talaq verse 3, Allah says “If someone trusts Allah, He will suffice him. He will surely bring about what He decrees”

So the solution to this dilemma is to acquire knowledge, work hard in all pursuits of life, let faith be our guiding light, think of benefiting others and pray for your success in both lives – worldly and hereafter.









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