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PART - 1


Imam Ali, Zainul Abedin Saiyyadus Sajedeen, the third illuminating star of the Golden Chain of Imamate, had complied 54 Supplications in Sahifa-e-Kamila. The book is also known as “The Psalms of Islam” and“Zuboor-e-Aale Muhammad”.

The supplication is titled as “Noble Moral Traits and Acts Pleasing Almighty Allah (swt)”

It should be absolutely clear in the minds of the readers that our A’imma (plural of Imam) were infallible. They have written these supplications for our guidance to pray.

We should read these duaas, understand and make every effort to practice in our lives. 

O Allah, Bless Muhammad (s) and his Progeny (a), cause my faith to reach the most perfect faith, make my certainty most excellent certainty, and take my intention to the best of intentions, and my works to the best of works. 

O Allah, complete my intention through your gentleness, rectify my certainty through what is with You, and set right what is corrupt in me through Your Power. 

O Allah, Bless Muhammad (s) and his Progeny (a), spare me the concerns which distract me, employ me in that about which You will ask me tomorrow, and let me pass my days in that for which You have created me, free me from need, expand Your Provision towards me, and tempt me not with ingratitude. Exalt me and afflict me not with pride, make me worship You and corrupt not my worship with self-admiration. Let good flow out from my hands upon the people and wipe it not by my making them obliged. Give me the highest moral traits, and preserve me from boastfulness. 

O Allah, Bless Muhammad(s) and his Progeny (a), raise me not a single degree before the people without lowering me it’s like in myself and bring about no outward loftiness for me without an inward humiliation in myself to the same degree. 

O Allah, Bless Muhammad(s) and his Progeny (a), give me to enjoy a sound guidance which I seek not to replace a path of truth from which I do not change direction, and an intention of right conduct in which I have no doubts. Let me live as long as my life is a free gift in obeying You, but if my life should become a pasture of Shaitaan(l), seize me to Yourself before Your hatred overtakes me or Your wrath against me becomes firm. 

O Allah, Bless Muhammad(s) and his Progeny(a), deposit in me no quality for which I will be faulted, unless You set it right, no flaw for which I will be blamed, unless You make it beautiful, no deficient noble trait, unless You complete it. 

O Allah, Bless Muhammad(s) and his Progeny(a), and replace for me the hostility of the people of hatred with love, the envy of the insulting people with affection, the suspicion of the people of righteousness with trust, the enmity of those close with friendship, the disrespect of blood relations with devotion, the abandonment of relatives with help, the attachment of flatterers with love set right, the rejections of fellow beings with generous friendliness, and the bitterness of the fear of wrongdoers with the sweetness of security. 

O Allah, Bless Muhammad(s) and his Progeny (a), appoint for me a hand against him who wrongs me, a tongue against him who disputes with me, and victory over him who stubbornly resists me, give me guile against him who schemes against me, power over him who oppresses me, prove him false who abusively criticize me, and safety from him who threatens me .Grant me success to obey him who points me to straight path and follow him who guides me right. 

O Allah, Bless Muhammad(s) and his Progeny (a), and point me straight to resist him who is dishonest towards me with good counsel, repay him who separates from me with gentle devotion, reward him who deprives me from free giving, reward him who cuts me off with joining, oppose him who slanders me with excellent mention, give thanks for good, and shut my eyes to evil. 

O Allah, Bless Muhammad(s) and his Progeny(a), adorn me with the adornment of the righteous, and clothe me in the ornaments of the god-fearing, through spreading justice, restraining rage, extinguishing the flame of hate, bringing together the people of separation, correcting strife, spreading around good behavior, covering faults, mildness of temper, lowering the wing, beauty of conduct, gravity of bearing, agreeableness in conduct, precedence in reaching excellence, preferring generosity, refraining from condemnation, bestowing bounty on poor, speaking the truth, though it may be painful, making little of the good in my words and deeds, though it may be more, and making much of the evil in my words and deeds, though it be little. Perfect this for me through lasting obedience, holding fast to the community, and rejecting the people of innovation and those who act according to original opinions. 

O Allah, Bless Muhammad(s) and his Progeny (a), appoint for me your widest provision in my old age and your strongest strength when I am exhausted, try me not with laziness in worshipping you, blindness towards your path, undertaking what opposes love for you, joining with him who has separated himself from you, and separating from him who has joined himself to you. 

O Allah, Bless Muhammad (s) and his Progeny (a), make me leap to you in times of distress, ask from you in needs, and plead to you in misery. Tempt me not to seek help from other than you when I am distressed, to humble myself in asking from someone else when I am poor, or to plead with someone less than you when I fear, for then I would deserve your abandonment, your withholding, and you’re turning away, O Merciful of the most merciful.









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