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Newsletter for August 2011

Article 1      THE HOLY QUR'AN  Surah 9. At-Tawba (Repentance, Dispensation)
                    Translated by A. Yusefali
Article 2      The First Imam "Ali ibne Abi Talib" (AS) by Dr. Syed Haider Husain Shamsi
Article 3      Rewards, Benefits and Virtues of Quran and its Recitation
  Article 4      What is the Most Effective Way to Counter Islamaphobia? by Sahrish Saleem
Article 5    The Valor of the Pen by Suleiman Salem
Article 6   How Should Muslim Americans Relate with the Rest of the Muslim World?
                by Joshua Reina
Article 7      Providing a Voice for the Muslim Community by Diana Elbasha
Article 8      In The Name of Islam - Deanna Suleiman
Article 9    Some Common Misconceptions about Shi'ism by Shahid Athar M.D.
Article 10     Your Du’aas Answered… Guaranteed!!!
Article 11     Virtues of fasting in summer’s heat     
Article 12     Zulfiqar - Ali's Sword by Rumi







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