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Newsletter for March 2011

Article 1     The Holy Qur'an Surah 34. Saba' (Sheba) Translated by A. Yusefali
Article 2     The Prophet and Prophetic Tradition - The Last Prophet and Universal Man
                   by Professor Sayed Hossein Nasr
Article 3     'Al-Kafi', the Book of Hadith by by Al-Kulayni's by Dr. I. K. A. Howard

Article 4     The Principle of Ijtihad in Islam by Murtada Mutahhari
Article 5     Religious Education of the Younger Generation by Karrar Hussain
Article 6     The Scholarly Jihad of the Imams by Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi
Article 7     Islam, the Qur'an and the Arabic Literature by Elsayed M.H Omran
Article 8     Future jobs won’t support decent living standard By Zachary Roth
Article 9     Why 50% US green card holders want to return home
Article 10     Cell Phone Cancer Fear: Daily Radiation Exposure
Article 11     Google is phasing out support for older browsers from 1 August.
Article 12     "The Gift of Water" by Rumi







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