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Newsletter for July 2010

Article 1   The Holy Qur'an "Surah 91 Ash Shams (The Sum) Translated by Abdullah Yusufali
Article 2    IMAM AL-BAQIR (Peace Be Upon Him) and THE HOLY QURAN)
Article 3   About the Oneness of Allah from Nahjul Balagha Sermon 185
Article 4   American perception of Islam improving By Shaahid Jaffer

Article 5   Political Philosophy of Islam  - Politics and Religion from an Islamic perspective by   Ayatollah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

Article 6   The Tragedy of Monotheism by Rabia Terri Harris
Article 7   Aging Tips from an "Old" Porsche, April 7, 2010
Article 8   Mother in Burqa - Daughter in Jeans, T-Shirt by Amna Gilani
Article 9   "Islam as a religion, and Islam as history" by Asgher Ali Engineer
Article 10  Marriage is half of your faith.......
Article 11   Buddhist Mindfulness and Sufi Mysticism: Enlightenment versus Divine Closeness
                  by Mohammad Nad-e-Ali Shamsi
Article 12  "Search the Darkness" by Rumi







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