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Aging Tips from an "Old" Porsche
April 7, 2010


Excerpt from an article published in the online newsletter, Total Health Breakthroughs, dated April 7, 2010

The degenerative diseases we associate with aging have very little to do with our chronological "age." If they did, then nearly everyone over the age of 85 would have Alzheimer's or cancer or heart disease or macular degeneration. But not everyone does. In fact, these diseases used to be very rare - even at an advanced age.

Instead of associating these diseases with a meaningless number - our age - we need to associate them with their true causes. Degenerative diseases are simply the long-term ramifications of unhealthy choices that turned into lifelong habits! These diseases do not magically appear at a certain age. They are the end-result of a lifetime of poor nutrition and toxic overload.

There is a world of difference between a car that has been parked outside, driven on a daily basis and maintained infrequently... and a car that has been kept in a garage, washed and waxed often, driven on the weekends and maintained impeccably.

The car that has been driven every day and poorly maintained might last 10 years. It will look and feel worn out. It will break down frequently. On the other hand, the car that is well-maintained and driven infrequently will look brand new thirty years later. And it will perform that way too.

Of course, your body is not a car. You can't park it in the garage and leave it there for sixty years. You have to take it out and drive it every day. But there is a way to maintain and fuel your body so that you "mileage" stays low, even as your number of years increases.

The goal is not immortality. We are all going to die of something. The goal is to experience healthful longevity. There is a very important difference between your lifespan (how long you live) and your health span (how long you remain healthy and vital).

It is not enough to live a long time. In fact, it can be a curse if you don't have your health. What we want are the advantages of youth - joints that work without pain, a mind that is sharp, energy to last all day, a strong immune system and skin that is supple and smooth - well into our later years.

The great news is that you can have all of that and more. But you have to maintain your body and give it the proper fuel.

My wife Kelley has a background in nutritional biochemistry. And for the last five years, she has studied the factors that cause our bodies to break down. She studied the heart, the brain, the muscles, the joints, the bones, the immune system and the hormonal system.

What she found - and what other researchers have proven - is that the same five processes are involved in just about every form of degenerative disease.

Control these five processes (and they are well within your control) and you can significantly diminish your risk of the diseases we now associate with "aging". And not only that, but your mind will work better, your heart will be stronger and your aches and pains will be less. Even your wrinkles will diminish.

She put all of this research into a health transformation program, called Your Plate, Your Fate.

Here are the five processes associated with aging:

  Inflammation - If the engine in your car consistently "runs hot," it won't last very long. That's why you pull over when you see the temperature gauge rising. This is the equivalent of inflammation in your body - a process where your defenses are constantly responding to damage. Chronic inflammation is the foundation of most degenerative diseases and physical aging.

  Glycation - If you don't change the oil in your car, it gets becomes thick and dirty and turns to sludge. This is similar to a process in the body called glycation - where excess sugar in the diet causes the blood to thicken and become "sticky." The blood then has a hard time circulating through the small blood vessels, damaging the integrity of tissues and organs. Glycation also destroys collagen, leading to wrinkles.

  Oxidation - Expose your car to the weather year after year, and the parts will rust. This is the process of oxidation. The same thing happens in your body when "free radicals" attack your cells. This is perfectly natural. Oxidation can be controlled by eating healthy fats, a low-glycemic diet and antioxidant-rich foods. When it is not controlled, it can damage DNA, cause cells to mutate and it ages the body from the inside out.

  Toxification - Your car has an oil filter, an air filter and a fuel filter. This is to keep impurities and foreign objects out of the engine. These filters must be replaced, or the performance will diminish. Your body has "filters" too, including your liver and your immune system. But these filters can become overburdened due to poor nutrition and toxic overload.

  Depletion - Put low-octane fuel in a high performance engine and you will hear "knocking." The performance will be sub-optimal and your miles per gallon will decrease. Expect the same from your body. If you deplete your body of vital nutrients by continually giving it low grade fuel, it will not work properly and your "mileage" will also go down.

Every single disease and symptom we associate with "aging" involves at least one (and usually all) of these processes. So, don't buy the myth that poor health, low energy, aches and pains, muscle loss, and loose, wrinkled skin are unavoidable aspects of getting older.

"Aging" is what happens when your body breaks down faster than it repairs itself. Youth is when your body repairs faster than it breaks down. The key to maintaining your youthful looks and energy and vibrant health is to provide your body with the raw materials it needs to rebuild and repair. At the same time, reduce or eliminate those elements that cause you to break down.

By eating nutrient-dense foods and developing healthy habits, you can avoid degenerative disease and the outward signs of aging... or at least put them off for a long, long time.

You can't "park your car" in the garage and leave it there. But why would you want to anyway? Fuel your body with the right nutrients and keep your filters clean, and you will enjoy the ride of your life!




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