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Imam Ali (AS) said “I am the slave of Allah and The Great Truthful, whoever other than me claims to be so is a liar”. The saints are normally“Abdullah” like Isa (AS) said after birth “Inni Abdullah Aatanial Kitab Wa Jaalani Nabiya”.

Imam Husayn (AS) said “Once my father Ali (AS) was bathing in River Euphrates and had left his clothes on the bank. A rising wave swept away his clothes. When he came out and did not see his clothes, he heard a voice asking him to look on right where he saw a dress. He picked it up and wore it. A paper was attached to it which read “This is a gift from Allah. This was given to Imraan. Like wise we give inheritance to people of later periods”

Once Imam Ali (AS) came to Holy Prophet (P)’s house and sat between him and Aisha (RA) to which she did not appreciate. The Holy Prophet (P) said “Aisha do not upset my brother. He is the best of the Muslims and Commander of the Faithful and on the Day of Judgment he will be in charge and send his followers to Paradiseand his enemies to Hell.

When the Holy Prophet (P) used to be very angry, no one dared to talk to him except Imam Ali.

Once, a cooked bird was presented to the Holy Prophet (P). He prayed to Allah “Please send that person who is the friendliest to you” Imam Ali (AS) came and they both ate the bird”

When the Holy Prophet (P) went on Ascension (Meraaj), he saw a lion restrained in the lighted (noorani) chains and obstructed his path. He asked Jibra’eel as to what the lion wants. Jibra’l said that there may be a worldly thing in your possession. The Holy Prophet (P) threw the ring from his finger in front of the lion. When the Holy Prophet (P) returned on earth, Imam Ali (AS) congratulated him and presented his ring back to him.

The Holy Prophet (P) said “May Allah bless you with the virtues of both worlds,

O Lion of Allah”

Ammar Yassir, a companion of Imam Ali (AS) said “I and Imam Ali (AS) were sleeping in the shadow of a date tree, when the Holy Prophet (P) came and awakened Imam Ali (AS) saying “Qum Ya Abu Turaab” meaning “Get up O Father of Soil”. From that time on Imam Ali (AS) really loved that epithet or kunniyat.

The reason for writing “Karram Allah Wajhahu” after Imam Ali (AS) are narrated in two traditions; Fatima Binte Asad (SA) told the Holy Prophet “ when ever you come in our house, the baby in my womb hits me inside forcing me to stand up” The Holy Prophet (P) said “ Karram Allahu Wajhahu”. Another tradition says that Abu Talib (AS) and Hamza (AS) wanted to see for themselves as to how Fatima Bine Asad (SA) is forced to stand up when the Holy Prophet (P) comes in front. One day they both kept their hands on her and called the Holy Prophet (P) to come in the room, she stood up by some mysterious force. The other non-Shia scholars say that every one except Imam Ali had worshipped the idols, hence he is called Karram Allahu Wajhahu as he did not bow to any idol.

During the period of Imam Ali al Riza (AS), a man came from Chinain his presence. Imam asked him if people in Chinarecognized him. The man replied in affirmative and told him that in Chinain the spring season there is a tree which gives flowers on which we see the kalema “La Ilaha Illallah Muhammadun Rasoolullah” written in the morning and in the evening this phrase is written “La Ilaha Illalla Aliun Khalifatuhu Rasool ullah”

Imam Hasan (AS) narrates as “One night, my father told me that there is no water in the house, I went in search for it then I heard a voice saying that he had brought water from Paradise. I took the water and came in presence of my father and saw that he was praying. When I asked from where he got the water, he replied that a person was speaking loudly” O Ali! Who can be like you? Jibra’il brings water from Paradiseand Jibra’il told me that he felt proud among other angels for performing this act”

Caliph Haroon Rasheed told his courtiers “I was told by my governor of Damascusthat there is a man who curses Imam Ali (AS), I summoned the man and enquired the reason for his cursing. He replied that because he (Imam Ali) had killed his relatives to which Haroon replied that the Imam performed jehad according to Allah and Prophet’s commands. He ordered the sinner to be whipped 100 lashes. Haroon saw in dream The Prophet (P), Imam Ali (AS), Imam Hasan (AS) and Imam Husayn (AS). Jibra’il had brought some water. The Holy Prophet (P) asked Shias to stand up out of a huge crowd, took water from Jibra’il and gave it to the Shias. The Prophet asked for the man who cursed Imam Ali (AS). When Imam Ali (AS) saw him he prayed to Allah for his punishment and the man turned into a dog. Next day, when the guards visited the prison they found a dog instead of a man.”

After the Victory of Makka, the Holy Prophet along with Imam Ali (AS) entered Kaaba and started breaking idols. However, there were few idols at an elevated place. The Holy Prophet (P) asked Imam Ali (AS) to stand on his shoulder and break the idols. It is important to note that Imam Ali (AS)’s feet were on the “Stamp of Prophet hood” on the Prophet (P)’s shoulder. The Prophet (P) asked Imam Ali (AS) as to how he was feeling? Imam replied that he felt as if he was reaching the Arsh. The Prophet (P) said“ May Allah bless you, you are doing the work of ‘Haq’ and I am also fine as I am also carrying the weight of ‘Haq’” Imam Ali (AS) smiled when he jumped off from the Prophet(P)’s shoulder. On enquiry from the Prophet (P), Imam Ali (AS) replied that even after coming down from such a height, he did not feel any discomfort. The Prophet (P) said “How can feel any thing as Muhammad (P) raised you up and Jibra’il helped you in coming down.”

After Migrating to Madina, the Holy Prophet (P) formed ‘contract of brotherhood’ between Migrants from Makka and the Ansars of Madina. Imam Ali (AS) was left alone without any Ansar. The Holy Prophet (P) said “I am your brother in this world and also in hereafter”.

In the year 9 AH near the end of the month of Ze’qaada, the Holy Prophet (P) send Abu Baker to Makka and asked him to educate the Makkans about performing Hajj and also to recite 40 verses of Sura Baraat. In the mean time Jibra’il descended with the Divine instructions that the task can only be performed by you (Prophet) or one who is your ‘self’ or Imam Ali (AS). The Prophet (P) responded immediately and sent Imam Ali (AS) to relieve Abu Baker from the assignment. Abu Baker returned to Madina dejected and enquired of Holy Prophet (P) if he had done any thing wrong. The Holy Prophet replied “There was nothing wrong with you but it was in compliance of the Divine Command.”

The Holy Prophet (P) ordered that doors of all companion’s houses which were opened in to the Prophet (P)’mosque should be closed as they used to enter the mosque even when they were not clean. Only Imam Ali (AS)’s house doors were allowed to remain open. Some of the affected Muslims objected to this restriction. On hearing such reactions, the Holy Prophet (P) ascended the pulpit and explained that the order was given by Allah and he simply complied with it. By the way, it is mentioned elsewhere in the Holy Qur’an ;

“Wa Ma Yentekha Anil Hawa, In Howa Illah Wahiyan Yuha” meaning “The Messenger does not speak by his personal liking, but only speaks as directed by revelation”









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