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Allama Iqbal, the famous poet, philosopher and thinker of Pakistan, was a Sunni Muslim, and a devout admirer of Ahley Bayt. His Urdu and Persian work is full of praise for Imam Ali, Imam Husayn apart from Prophet Mohammad. In his Persian book Ramooz-e-Bekhudi, he had written a qaseedah praising The Lady of Paradise. I will reproduce it first in transliteration followed by English translation.

Maryam az ek nisbat e Eisa aziz Az se nizbat hazrat e Zahra aziz

Hazrat Maryam is exalted by only one relation of being the mother of Hazrat Eisa, but Hazrat Zahra is more respectable by three relations; her father was the Prophet, Hazrat Ali, her husband was Imam and Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn were her children.

Noor e chashm e Rahmatulil Aalameen Aan imam e awwaleen o akhareen

She was the beloved daughter of Prophet Mohammad, the leader of all Prophets.

Aan ke jaan dar payker e geeti damaid Rozegar e taza aaeen aafraid

The Prophet had brought peace and tranquility on the earth and opened new avenues.

Baano e aan tajdaar e “Hal Ataa” Murtaza mushkilkusha sher e Khuda

Her husband was the crown of Holy Qur’an’s sura Hal Ataa. Imam Ali’s other name was Murtaza and he was known as the Lion of God and help people in distress.

Badshah wa kalbai aiwaan e oo Yek husaam o yak zirah samaan e oo

Imam Ali was the king but his palace was a small house and his belongings consisted of one sword Zulfiqar and one shield which he used to wear at back not in front.

Maader e aan markaz e parkaar e ishq Maader e aan karwaan salaar e ishq

She was the mother of Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn who were pivot and compass of real Islam.

Aan yek e shama e shabistaan e haram Hafiz e jamiyyat e khairul umam

Imam Hasan was one of the Panjetan and protector of Muslim Ummah.

Taa nashinad aatish e paikaar o keen Pusht e pa zad bar sare taaj o nageen

Imam Hasan, in order to avoid bloodshed of Muslims, kicked off the crown of khilafat.

Waan digar moulai abraar e jahaan Quwwat e baazo e ahraar e jahaan

Imam Husayn was the leader of pious and guide of freedom fighters in the world.

Dar nawa e zindagi soz az Husayn Ahl e haq hurriyat amoz az Husayn

Imam Husayn’s jihad in Kerbala has brought meaning to life and the followers of righteousness draw inspiration from his courage, liberty and fortitude.

Seerat e farzand ha az ummahaat Jouhar e sidq o safa az ummahaat

Character of children reflects their mothers so also truth and piety is learned from mothers.

Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn, who are the “Leaders of Youth in Paradise, reflects the paramount stature of the Lady of Paradise, Hazrat Fatima Zahra.

Mazra e tasleem ra hasil Batool Madaraan ra uswai kaamil Batool

Hazrat Fatima Zahra’s other name was “Batool”. Iqbal says that She is a complete and perfect example for Muslim women to follow in their life.

Bahr e muhtaj e dalish aango na sukht Ba yahudi chaader e khud ra farukht

Hazrat Fatima Zahra was so moved by the distress of a needy person that to help she sold her own chador to a Jew.

Noori wa ham aatashi farmanbarish Gum razaish dar raza e shouharish

All angels and jins were the servants of Hazrat Fatima but she was obedient to her husband

Aan adab parwarda e sabr o raza Aasia garden wa lab qur’an sara

She was the symbol of patience and contentment and she would recite Qur’an while grinding the stone mill at home.

Girya hai oo zabaleen be niyaz Gauhar afshande badamaan e namaaz

She will cry for the nearness to Allah while praying namaaz

Ashk e oo barcheed Jibra’eel az zameen Hamchu shabnam raikht bar Arsh e baree

Jibra’eel would carry her tears from the earth and spread them in the heavens

Rishta e aaeen e haq zanjeer pa ast Paas e farmaan e janab e Mustafa ast

I have been constrained by Islamic laws and commandments of Prophet Mohammad

Warna gird e turbatish gardeedami Sajda ha bar khaak e oo pashidami

Otherwise, I would have circled your grave and do prostration on your grave’s soil










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