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Good Personal Traits

         Clear Goals-A Good person always has clear goals, objectives  and mission, as a person without goals is just like ship without rudder, directionless at the mercy of the winds

          Values-good people always clearly know their values like integrity, hard-work, commitment and responsibility

         Self-image-Good people always like them-selves, they accept as they are and they enjoy high self image

         Inner Courage, Good person have the conviction and strength to take stand based on truth and justice.

         Work productively-Good person never fritter away his or her time.

         They spend their time effectively and efficiently.  The avoid vanity talks.

         Serve Well-Good person has the strong desire to serve other from his or her heart.

         Enjoy others Success, Good person always enjoys the success of others and help other to make them successful.

         Please review these traits of good person and determine how many of these traits you have.









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