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What do you really possess ?
by Rumi

 What do you really possess,
and what have you gained?

 What pearls have you brought up
 from the depth of the sea?

 On the day of death,
 bodily senses will vanish:
do you have the spiritual light
 to accompany your heart?

 When dust fills these eyes in the grave,
 will your grave shine bright?


 To cheh dri va cheh hsel kardeh-'i

 az tag-e dary cheh dorr vordeh-'i

 Ruz-e marg in hess-e to btel shavad

 nur-e jn dri keh yr-e del shavad

 Dar lahd kin chashm-r khk ganad

 hastet nche gur-r rawshan konad

Mathnawi II:939-941
Version by Camille and Kabir Helminski
Rumi: Daylight
Threshold Books, 1994
(Persian transliteration courtesy of Yahy Monastra)









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