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by Rumi

(Translated version by Nasir Shamsi)

The worldly goods and body are mortal like melting snow yet Allah buys them
it is said Allah has purchased.*
(Yet) you prefer the melting snow to Allah's offer, it's because you are in doubt (shakk) and lack conviction (yaqeen).
You think you have a great idea in you !
but it won't fly to that garden of certainty.
Oh son ! Every idea craves for conviction
flapping its wings in its pursuit.
When it attains knowledge (ilm)
the wings turn into feet, and the knowledge adds its fragrance to the garden.
In a certain way, knowledge is inferior to certainty but it's above idea.
Know that knowledge is a seeker of certainty (yaqeen), and certainty is a seeker of vision and intuition.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mâl o tan barfand rizân-e fanâ
Haqq kharidâresh keh Allâha-shtarâ*
Barf-hâ ze ân az saman-e avvalistet
keh hayi dar shakk yaqini nistet
Vin `ajab zannast dar to ay mohin
keh na-mi parad be-bostân-e yaqin
Har gomân teshneh-ye yaqin ast ay pesar
mi zanad andar tazâyod bâl o par
Chon resad dar `elm pas par pâ shavad
mar yaqin-râ `elm-e u buya shavad
Zânke hast andar Tariq-e moftatan
`elm kamtar az yaqin va fawq-e zann
`Elm juyâ-ye yaqin bâshad be-dân
vân yaqin juyâ-ye didast va `iyân

* sura Taubah, 111

-- Mathnawi III: 4115-4121, Version by Nasir Shamsi (Persian transliteration
courtesy of Yahyá Monastra)








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