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Newsletter for December 2011


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For the First Time Ever: Ashura in Istanbul

In cooperation with Ahlulbayt Institution in Turkey, Holy Shrines in Iraq coincide with the Muharram Mourning held an exhibition in Istanbul, in the main square between the Sofia and the Sultan Ahmet Mosques. This exhibition is considered the first of its type.

Formal inauguration ceremony held in front of the Ashura tent attended by delegations of the holy shrines and the delegation of the Ahlulbayt Institution and a number of Officials in the Turkish largest city Istanbul and officials from the Arab and foreign Embassies and great mass gathering, in addition to Media.

Ceremony began with reciting verses from the Holy Quran to be followed by the speech of the Ahlulbayt Institution delivered by Sheik Rahim Anwarshan Rahmati, director the mentioned Institution in which he said:

"In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. In the beginning, I would like to show my gratefulness to the efforts by the general secretariats of the Holy Shrines in Iraq. You all know that all the believers are heading to Karbala these days, yet the General Secretariats of the Holy Shrines in Karbala sent their delegations to Istanbul in spite of the significance of being there. Again, we would like to show our gratefulness to the secretary generals of the Karbala Holy Shrines represented by Sayed Ahmed Alsafi, and Sheik Abdul M ahdi Karbalaei for the invaluable efforts to help establishing such a historic program that Istanbul never witnessed before, in addition to sending the Flags of the two holy shrines."

He added: "we would like also to speak on behalf of the representative of Grand Ayatullah Sayed Ali Sistani, and the Secretary General of the Ahlulbayt Institution, Sayed Jawad Shahristani, and say that: these projects are achieved successfully in the bless of the Ahlulbayt AS, and the sponsorship of Grand Sayed Ali Sistani".

Explaining: "the beginning was very good, as when we asked the municipality of Istanbul to allocate a wonderful place that fits the Ashura tent, they answered to be ISTANBOL the largest city of Turkey".

Then, came the word of the Holy Shrines in Iraq delivered by Sheik Ali Fatlawi in which he said:

"Salam alaikum brothers. We came from Iraq, specifically from Karbala of Imam Hussein AS to this Islamic country. We came carrying fragrance of the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali AS to commemorate the Martyrdom of the son of the Prophet, Imam Hussein AS. And also we came to spread the ethics of the Ahlulbayt AS to uphold the truth. And in order to keep cooperation between the two countries. We would like also to thank all those who make easy all the difficulties that this achievement was facing.

Then came the word of the head of Istanbul Municipality:

This day is historic, for the place is historic. And the Istanbul city is where thoughts and religions meet. This tent of Imam Hussein between Sofia and Sultan Ahmet proves what the Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan says that "Prophet Mohammed and his Household are a point of Meeting, not Parting". I would like to show my gratefulness to the holy shrines in Iraq and the Ahlulbyt Institution".

Then the speech of the chief of the Alawiya Religion:

"This day is significant. We gathered for the love of the Ahlulbayt AS. And God willing that this would be the way to our success. We have to know the reasons of the uprising of Imam Hussein, for the Mohammadan Islam is that of Tenets and beliefs of the Ahlulbayt, for if the man did not know the Islam of the Ahlulbayt, he would definitely go to another Umayyad Islam against the perfection of man, yet imam Hussein raised against these things in order to revive the perfections of Man. Then I thank the holy shrines and the Ahlulbayt Institution for this holy step".

In conclusion, the speech of the Professor Hatami, a Prof. in the University of Istanbul:

"Firstly, I would like to thank all those who contributed in this exhibition. And we thank God Almighty that we see now the tent of imam Hussein and Al-Abbas bin Ali AS in the best place in Turkey. This tent is a sign of the reappearance of the Messiah, imam Mahdi (May God hasted his reappearance) as mentioned in History. Therefore we will be in release point of the unity of Muslims and Christians that will follow imam Mahdi. It is a great oblation for the humanity and the ways to perfection".

Finally, all aud ience went to opening the Ashura tent that includes hundreds of Ashura pictures, books, and magazines in Arabic and English, in addition to Turkish. Many presents distributed on the figures that contributed in the success of this exhibition.

It is worth mentioning that the holy shrines of Karbala, in support of their Secretary Generals, sent a delegation including General Secretary Deputy of Al-Abbas Holy Shrine and a group of members of the Administrative Council and heads of departments in the Two Holy Shrines to represent the holy shrines in Iraq in the Ashura tent.









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