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Allama Iqbal was called “The Thinker of Pakistan” as he spear-headed the Muslim Renaissance in British India which ultimately culminated in the creation of Pakistanin 1947.

He obtained his Doctorate from Germany and was a Barrister, the highest law affiliation in England. He was a Sunni Muslim but had a profound love for Prophet (s)’s Progeny.

In one of his Persian books, Asrar-e-Khudi, he had expressed his respectful love and admiration for Imam Ali (a).

Some of its extracts are reproduced below:

Muslim e awwal shahe mardan Ali

Ishq ra sarmaya e iman Ali

Ali (a) is the first Muslim and the king of men, In Love’s eyes, Ali (a) is the

Treasure of the faith.

Az wilae dood manish zinda am

Dar jahan misle guhar tabinda am

Devotion to his family inspires me with life, so that I am shining as a pearl.

Az rukhe uo faal Paighambar grift

Millat e Haq az shikohish far grift

From Ali (a)’s face, the Prophet(s) drew many a fair omen, by his majesty the

true religion is glorified.

Quwwat e deen e mubeen farmudaish

Kainaat aaen pizeer az doodaish

His commandments are the strength of Islam, all things pay allegiance to his House.

Mursal e Haq kard namish Bu Turab

Haq“Yad Allah” khawnad dar Ummul Kitab

The Apostle(s) of God gave him the name Bu Turab, God in the Quran called

him “The Hand of Allah”

Sher e Haq ien khaak ra taskheer kard

Ien gile tareek ra akseer kard

Ali (a), “The Lion of God”subdued the body’s clay and transmuted this dark

Earth to gold.

Mutaza (a) kaz taigh e uo Haq raushan ast

Bu Turab az fathe aqleem e tan ast

Murtaza(a), by whose sword the splendor of truth was revealed, is named

Bu Turab from his conquest of the body (clay).

Hark e dar afaaq gardad Bu Turab

Baaz gardanad za maghrib aftaab

Whosoever in the world become a Bu Turab, turns back the Sun from West.

Zairepaaish ienja shikohe Khyber ast

Dast e uo Unja khaseem e Kauser ast

Here the Might of Khyber is under his feet and in Hereafter his hand will distribute

the water of Kauser.

Az khud aagahi Yadullahi kunad

Az Yadullahi shahinshahi kunad

Through self-knowledge, he acts as God’s Hand and by virtue of being God’s Hand

he reigns over every thing.

Zaat e uo darwaza e shahre uloom

Zair e farmanish Hijaz o Cheen o Room

He is the Gate of the City of Sciences,Arabia, China, and Greece are under

his governance.








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