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Newsletter for January 2013


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The book “Sautu’l ‘Adalati’l Inasaniya” was written by George Jordac, a renowned Christian author of Lebanonand was translated in English by M. Fazal Haq and published in 1982. The book is about the True Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali, who is the most distinguished personality of Islam after Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be on him. His entire life is the life of struggle for the advancement of Islam. He was the bravest, great judge, a great philanthropist, a great fighter for the poor and the most pious person of his time. The book has 37 chapters. The author had given an exceptional and unbiased history of Imam Ali’s illustrious life which apparently started from House of Allah (Kaaba) and apparently ended in the House of Allah (Mosque). There is a hadees of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be on him “If all the trees in the world become pen and the oceans become ink and the humans and angels write the virtues of Imam Ali then too his virtues will not be written completely”

The book has a chapter “A great conspiracy” and on page 414 George writes”Uthman was killed by Talha, Zubayr and Sa’d bin Abi Waqas. He was killed by Mu’awiya and his party through their wealth and conspiracies. George further writes on page 413 “Balazari has quoted a sentence of Ayesha which shows that she hated Uthman more than any one else can hate another human being. She said to Marwan: “O Marwan! I wish that Uthman had been in one of my bags so that I might have picked up that bag myself and drowned it into the sea.” She used to say very often:

“Kill Na’athal. Na’athal has become an infidel”. It is irony of fate that subsequently all of them joined hands and fought the battle of camel with Imam Ali professing to take revenge of Uthman’s murder.

In the last chapter titled as “Let Them Mourn” George writes;“ A stranger is sitting in a corner of the world…he is a stranger although he is living among his people, but he is extremely grieved on account of them. Time did not recognize him, although he had pervaded it. The earth did not recognize him, although his sweet and wise sayings continued to ring in it and it saw with its own eyes his great feats. This stranger used to spend every thing he possessed on others but did not seek anything from them. He was subjected to great oppressions, but he never thought of taking revenge. He forgave his enemies after gaining victory over them. He never did any injustice to his enemies and never performed any unlawful act for the sake of his friends. He was the helper of the weak, the brother of the indigent, the father of the orphans and a kind friend of those who were fed up with their lives. He was an erudite, and was extremely forbearing. However, his heart was full of grief. His majesty and loftiness were resounding in all the mountains and deserts. He cut off the heads of big giants but was himself overcome by love and kindness”

The book is worth reading.








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