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Hazrat Mukhtar has been credited with the achievement of “Revenge of Oppressions of Karbala”. After the tragedy of Karbala, the sacred women of AhlulBayt (s.a.) did not comb their hair or put oil in the hair. After hearing that Hazrat Mukhtar had severely punished the murders of Imam Hussayn (a.s.), his family and companions, they resumed combing of hair. It is narrated that Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (a.s.) said: “Never say a bad word for Mukhtar as it is thanks to him that the killers of Imam Hussayn (a.s.) were punished for their deeds.” Similarly, when the heads of Ibne Ziyad and Umer-e-Sa’d were brought in the presence of Imam Ali-al-Zaynal Abedin (a.s.), he prostrated and thanked Allah saying: “I am thankful to God that You have taken revenge of the Holy blood of ours. May you my Lord grant Mukhtar for this good deed.”
He was born in 1 A.H. at Ta’if and was martyred in Kufa. He was 12 years old when his father died. He was raised by his mother and uncle, Sa’ad Ibn Masud. He was arrested by Ubaid-ullah ibn Ziyad in 61 AH. He met, Imam Ali (a.s.)’s companion, Maysam Tammar in the prison. In the mean time, the tragedy of Karbala occurred and Ubaidullah bin Ziyad brought Hazrat Mukhtar and showed him the sacred head of Imam Hussayn (a.s.). After seeing Imam Hussayn (a.s.)’s head, Hazrat Mukhtar determined to avenge his martyrdom. He was later released by the recommendation of Abdullah bin Umar, his brother-in-law. He bravely defended the “Khana-e-Ka’bah” against the Yazidi army. He was again imprisoned in Kufa. He was in contact with the Shias of Kufa who were preparing to revolt against Yazid after the “Massacre at Karbala”.
Hazrat Mukhtar Announces the Revolution: After release from the prison, Hazrat Mukhtar announced that he will punish the perpetrators of “The Massacre at Karbala” and started inviting the likeminded Muslims to get united. Hazrat Muhammad bin Hanafiya, one of Imam Ali (a.s.)’s sons, sent his message of support. Ibrahim al-Ashter, the son of Malik Ashter, a brave senior army man, also joined him. The concerned and conscience Kufans felt the need to erase the blot of treachery on them. These factors started to build the momentum to avenge Imam Hussayn (a.s.)’s martyrdom. Hazrat Mukhtar ordered his supporters to make fires, a sign of revolution. Street clashes started in Kufa, the ruler’s forces and police surrendered and the ruler himself escaped to Hejaz.
The Yazidi forces advanced towards Kufa. Hazrat Mukhtar sent three thousand fighters under Zayd bin Anas, they defeated the Yazidi forces but Zayd died of natural death.

As usual, the Umayyad propaganda machine spread rumors that Hazrat Mukhtar’s fighters were defeated and the commander was killed! They tried to stir up chaos in Kufa but failed. The Mukhtar’s fighters captured and executed every murderer of Karbala including Hurmala bin Kahil, Sanan bin Anas and Umar bin Sa’ad and executed all of them and sent their najis heads to Madina. Shimr bin Zil-Jaushan escaped but the fighters of Hazrat Mukhtar chased him and executed him also. After controlling the situation in Kufa, Ibrahim al-Ashtar’s brave fighters reached al-Khazar River, where he met Ubaidullah bin Ziyad’s army. The righteous army attacked the Omayyad’s and killed all senior commanders including Ubaidullah Bin Ziayad and al-Hussayn bin Numair. Ibrahim al-Ashtar’s small army defeated the huge Yazidi army.
Saving Madinah and Alawids against Umayyad and Abdullah bin Zubair Caliphs: When Marwan sent a big army to occupy Madinah, Hazrat Mukhtar sent a strong army of three thousand fighters to save and protect the Prophet (s.a.w.s.)’s Madinah. Abdullah bin Zubair declared himself a caliph and sent two thousand men apparently to protect Madinah but their real aim was to attack Hazrat Mukhtar’s fighters. When his brave fighters were protecting Madinah, the Zubairids attacked Hazrat Mukhtar’s army. They killed some of them and brought the rest near Makkah. Hazrat Mukhtar sent five thousand fresh fighters and defeated the Zubairid’s army.
The Last stand: Abdullah Bin Zubair appointed his brother Musaiyyab as governor of Basra who formed a huge army and surprised Hazrat Mukhtar. They besieged him in the palace for four months. Musaiyyab’s army secretly conspired with Hazrat Mukhtars forces inside the palace and offered a deal that if they cooperated with these hypocrites and open the gates, they will pardon them. Hazrat Mukhtar ordered his men to make street clashes but they disobeyed (because of their conspiracy). At last he came out with seventeen supporters and fought bravely and died as a martyr of Islam.
The conspirators who were promised pardon were slaughtered by Musaiyyab’s army and paid the price for treachery.

Reference: Behar-ul-Anwar by Allama Majlisi








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