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Article 1:     The Holy Qur'an Surah 2  







                    "The COW"   Chapter 183 to 189  "Qur'anic Verses of Fasting"











Article 2:       PROPHET JESUS ( ISA ) One Of The Prophets of Islam





            by late Dr. Syed Haider Hussain Shamsi 

Jesus (Isa)  was the last prophet appointed by Allah for Bani Israil.They defied his teachings and denied his legitimacy. In collaboration with the  Roman governor of Palestine, the Jewish leaders had him framed for treason, that was punishable by         crucifixion. However Allah saved him from death by crucifixion.  His teachings were adapted by other subjects of the Roman empire which laid the foundations of Christianity.                     More.....





Article 3:   Imam Ali ibne abi Talib (a) (excerpt from Dr. Syed Haider Hussain Shamsi's  book: The Twelve Imams from the Ahle Bait)


        The birth of Imam Ali took place under unique circumstances inside the holy Ka'ba. It is considered unique because no prophet or saint has ever been born in a holy sanctuary. Fatima binte Asad, the expectant mother of Ali was praying outside the       Ka'ba when she suddenly felt the labor pains. Just then the wall of the holy sanctuary opened. As she stepped in, the wall closed behind her. Shortly after that she gave birth to her baby. When they came out, Muhammad took the newborn in his arms and named       him Ali. The infant looked at his face and smiled.                 More.....






Here is a gift for you to welcome the holy month of Ramadhan. This has been taken from Kitab as-Sawm of Wasa'il as-Shi'ah of  Muhammad bin Hasan al-Hurr al-'Amulee. 

mam Ali ar-Ridha narrates on the authority of his forefathers who report from Imam Ali bin Abi Talib ( may Allah’s peace and our salams be unto all the M’asoomeen):                More.....






Article 5:     In Prayer Continually by Rumi

The ritual prayer is five times daily,

but the guide for lovers is the verse,

they who are in prayer continually.*

The headache of intoxication in those heads

isn't relieved by five times, nor by five hundred thousand.

"Visit once a week" is not the ration for lovers;

the soul of sincere lovers has an intense craving to drink.

"Visit once a week" is not the ration for those fish,

since they feel no spiritual joy without the Sea.







Towards Understanding Islam



Article 6:        Towards Understanding Islam By Nasir Shamsi

Islam is simple..

    Islam is a way of life. It is neither a state nor statecraft. Islam is simple-- very simple. People came to Madina to accept Islam. They stayed in the city of the Prophet for half a day or a full day, perhaps for a night at best. During this short stay, they learnt to say the Kalimah (there is no god except, Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet). The Prophet told them: he was Allah's Prophet like there were Prophets before him. He had come with a Book, called Quran, just as some Prophets before him had come with Scriptures. He asked them to do good, avoid the bad, pray to God and God alone, fast, give charity, be good to your parents, wives and children; there will be reward for good deeds and punishment for the bad deeds, on the Day of Judgment.         More.....






Article 7:         Tolerant and Intolerant Islam 

           .....on how extremism emerged in the contemporary world.
	As early as the first century of the Muslim calendar, Islam has known 
radical sects who demanded blind adherence to their rigid reading of the 
articles of faith, side by side with mainstream Islam, whose adherents
eschew violence and extremism and do not profess to hold a monopoly on 
Truth. The phenomenon began with the emergence of the Khawarij 
(Seceders) in 660 AD, (the middle of the first Hejira century), a sect 
which preached a dogmatic interpretation of Scripture and practiced a 
version of excommunication by branding those who did not adopt its 
teachings as heretics. This was the first such sect but by no means the 
last, and throughout the history of Islam the quiet of religious life 
was broken many times by marginal groups who tried to impose their 
extremist views on the majority by violent means. A comprehensive 
history of these groups has been compiled by my friend, Professor 
Mahmoud Ismail Abdul Razzaak, in an authoritative reference work 
entitled "The Secret Sects of Islam." The author devotes special 
attention to the Qarmatians, who carried away the Black Stone of the Ka' 
bah and kept it in a remote area in the east of the Arabian Peninsula 
for over a century.             More.....





Article 8:     This Ramadan  by Anwaar Hussain

Let us pause this Ramadan and ask ourselves a few questions.

Who were we?

What happened to us along the way?

Where do we stand today?

Which way are we going?                More.....






Article 9:    

Imam Husain(a)'s Concept of Religion and Leadership by S.H.M Jafri

ONLY now and again does there arise above the common level some rare spirit, who, having looked upon God face to face, reflects more clearly the divine purpose, and puts into practice more courageously the divine guidance's. The light of such a man shines like a strong beacon on a dark and disordered world. Our concepts of human values, human dignity and human freedom are better understood today because there has come into its life, among others, a personality that is a flame of God. His suffering embodies the pride of mankind, and in his sacrifice is reflected the eternal patience of man's greatness. An intrepid spirit, an impregnable will-power, and a superhuman passion for truth and justice are his main characteristics. And that man is Husayn b. 'Ali, the grandson of the Prophet of Islam. He presents to us the purest, the most elevating and the most inspiring ideal known to man. He is the one who taught man that death is not worse than a dishonourable life. He showed the world the real meaning of religion and the function of the leaders of mankind.               More.....





Article 10:    The Most Merciful shows Mercy to those who have Mercy on Others.

 The Prophet (s) once kissed his grandson, Al-Hasan Ibn `Ali,  while Al-Aqra Ibn Haabis was in his presence. So Al-Aqra said to him: " You kiss your children. I swear by Allah, I have ten children and I never kissed any one of them!" The Prophet (s) replied: "He who doesn't show mercy (to others) will not be shown mercy (by Allah)." Verily, mercy - in our religion - encompasses this world and the hereafter, as well as mankind, animals, birds, and the surrounding habitats.

 Allah says: "And My mercy encompasses every thing."               More.....





Article 11:    The Geography of the Place of the Dead

A Discourse on the Immortality of Soul by: Noyni, United Arab Emirates

 In my years of existence on this planet, or maybe because of my ignorance of the "world", I did not expect that there are religious groups who do not believe that the soul of man has its perpetual senses even in the life after. I thought things like these were just the argument of science.               More.....





Article 12:                   More.....





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