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Newsletter for June 2011

Article 1      The Holy Qur'an Surah 34 Saba (Sheba) Translated by A. Yusefali
Article 2      LET THERE BE NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION"; SURA 2:256  "Muhammad's Sword"     
                   by Uri Avnery
Article 3      My years in a habit taught me the paradox of veiling by Karen Armstrong
Article 4      Islam And Global Dialogue: Religious Pluralism And The Pursuit Of Peace  
                   by Roger Boase
Article 5      70% of Science Award Finalists Are Children of Immigrants by Stephanie Pappas
Article 6      Lecturers back students' right to wear the burkha By Richard Garner
Article 7      Combating Prostate Cancer with Cruciferous Vegetables
Article 8      Islam Provides Women Honor and Self-Respect
Article 9      Popularity Sucks: Kids Should Embrace Their Inner Loser,
Author Says
Stephanie Pappas
Article 10     Let the students pray at school
Article 11     Russian Orthodox Church calls for dress code, says miniskirts cause 'madness'
                          By Fred Weir
Article 12     The Sunrise Ruby by Rumi







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