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 Positive Thinking:
The Voice of Soul

By Matthew Anderson, D.Min.

Is there a language of soul? 

Is soul best expressed with certain words? 

Is it possible to infuse our daily conversation with soul?

Dr. James Hillman (I love to quote this guy) states, "we recognize that there is a special relation between soul and word, between psyche and logos."  He goes on to say that humans are the "voice of soul." 

What could this mean for our style of communicating and why would we want to speak the language of soul? 

Each of us uses thousands of words each day.  What if every word and sentence was an opportunity to express and experience soul-fullness?  How would this affect the quality and the power of our relationships and our lives?

I have believed in the soul-full power of words ever since I was a child.  In seminary, I studied the Greek of the New Testament and amazingly remember the Greek phrase that begins the Gospel of John: "Ein arche ein ho logos, ho logos pros ton theon". "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God."  Theologically, this means many things, but it definitely includes the idea that the word can and does contain divine power.

It thus has been clear to me that words have special power.  In fact, I am convinced that there is a healing word for each and every form of suffering.  I am also convinced that soul-filled communication can be incredibly transforming.  Therefore, it becomes important for each of us to pay much closer attention to what we say and how we say it...the gods could be at work in our communication.


You have lunch with a friend or a co-worker.  What do you usually say?  Do you complain about the economy or politics or gas prices or gossip about an acquaintance?  Or, do you invite soul into the conversation by sharing something from your heart?  Do you stop and really look at the person you are with and then share a word about their value in your life?  When the lunch is finished, do you leave enriched or drained?

You spend the evening with your spouse of 5 or 10 years.  What is the quality of your communication?  Is it same-ole-same-ole or is soul present in the words that pass between you?  Do you pause and focus your attention on what is really happening in your relationship?  What soul-filled communication begs to be shared?

Finally, what if you welcomed soul to your daily conversation?  How would you speak and what would you say?  I hope you will experiment with this today. You will become the "voice of soul" in your own life!

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[Dr. Matthew Anderson is an author (The Prayer Diet), counselor and national columnist/expert on weight loss, motivation, self-management and relationships]. 






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