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 Nay--The First Poem of

Masnavi Mowlana Rumi
Be-shenaw az nay chon hekyat mi konad
az jodyi-h shekyat mi konad

Listen to the reed as it tells its tale;
it complains of separation.

kaz nayestn mer bo-b'rideh-'

and az nafiram mard o zan nlideh-'and

Since they cut me from the reed-bed,
men and women have been crying over my lament.

sineh khvham sharheh sharheh az ferq
t be-guyam sharh-e dard-e eshtiyq

I wish for someone with a bosom torn apart by separation,
so that I can tell them the meaning of the pain of longing.

har kasi ku dur mnad az asl-e khvish
bz juyad ruz kr vasl-e khvish

Everyone who stays far away from his own origin
seeks to get back to the day he was together with it.

man beh har jam`iyati nln shodam
joft-e bad hln o khvosh hln shodam

I have been crying in every gathering;
I have kept company with the miserable and the happy.

har kasi az zann-e khvod shod yr-e man
az darun-e man na-jost asrr-e man

Everyone has thought he is my friend,
but no one has sought my inner secrets.

serr-e man az nleh-ye man dur nist
lik cheshm o gush-r n nur nist

My secret is not far from my crying,
but neither eye nor ear has the light to find it.

tan ze jn va jn ze tan mastur nist
lik kas-r did-e jn dastur nist

Body from soul, soul from body are not veiled,
but no one has permission to see the soul.

teshast in bng-e ny va nist bd
har keh in tash na-drad nist bd

This call of the reed is fire, not wind.
Everyone who has not this fire--should be naught.

tesh `eshqast k-andar nay fotd
jushesh `eshqast k-andar may fotd

The fire is love that came down into the reed;
its fervor is love that came down into the wine.

nay harif-e har keh az yri borid
parde-h'esh parde-h-ye m darid

The reed is the companion of everyone parted from a beloved.
Its tunes have torn apart our veils.

hamcho nay zahri o teryqi keh did
hamcho nay damsz o moshtqi keh did

Who has seen such a poison and antidote as the reed?
Who has seen such a sympathizer and longing lover as the reed?

nay hadis-e rh-e por khun mi konad
qesseh-h-ye `eshq-e majnun mi konad

The reed tells the tale of the Way full of blood.
It tells the love stories of Layla and Majnun.

mahram-e in hush joz bihush nist
mar zabn-r moshtari joz gush nist

No one but the delirious is intimate with this consciousness.
The tongue has no customer but the ear.

dar ghamm-e m ruz-h bigh shod
ruz-h b suz-h hamrh shod

In our sorrow the days have become untimely.
The days accompany the burning griefs.

ruz-h gar raft gu raw bk nist
to be-mn ay nkeh chon to pk nist

If the days are gone, tell them "Go!" and never mind.
But Thou, please stay, for none is as holy as Thou.

har keh joz mhi ze besh sir shod
har keh bi ruzist ruzesh dir shod

Everyone but the fish is fed up with his water.
For everyone without daily bread, his day is very long.

dar niybad hl-e pokhteh hich khm
pas sokhan kuth byad va-al-salm

No one who is raw can understand the state of the cooked.
So the talk should be short. "That's all!"

(Transliteration and translation by Yahya Monastra)
courtesy: Sunlight







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