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Newsletter for October 2010



Three Things Muslims were Specified With
Al Haafidh Abu ‘Alee al Ghassaanee stated in ‘The Nobility of the People of Hadeeth’:
“Allaah specified this Ummah with three things that He never gave anyone before them;


  • al Isnaad (chain of narration),


  • al ‘Iraab (related to Arabic grammar), and


  • al Ansaab (lineage).
  • [Tadreeb ar Rawee: 2/160]

    “…that a trustworthy person narrates upon the authority of another trustworthy person and so on until they reach the Prophet - صلى الله عليه وسلم. Allaah has specified the Muslims with this, in contrast to all other religions, and He has allowed it to remain with them, renewed over the ages.”

    Al Haafidh Abu ‘Alee stated: “Allaah specified this Ummah with three things that He never gave anyone before them; al Isnaad, al ‘Iraab, and al Ansaab.”

    In recent times, foreign researchers have admitted the great accuracy and preciseness of the works of the people of Hadeeth, and have acknowledged the finesse of their endeavor. Historians have derived principles from the methods of the people of Hadeeth and have used them to verify the truthfulness of historical events. In these methods, they have found the finest principles in ascertaining the truthfulness of past events.

    [The Methodology of Criticism in the Knowledge of Hadeeth: P.3]







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