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Newsletter for October 2010



Zamzam water at Prophet’s Mosque pure, says official 
By Hassan Al-Najrani

Prophet’s Mosque has rejected accusations that Zamzam here is being mixed with normal water. He said the reports to that affect are completely “unfounded.”
Ibrahim Bin Mayed Al-Harbi, Director of Maintenance and Water at the Prophet’s Mosque, was reacting to rumors that water is being added to shipments coming to Madina from Makkah.
He said it was not possible for this to happen. Zamzam water passes through a number of stages to make it fit for human consumption, before being shipped to the Prophet’s Mosque.
He said the shipped water is sterilized using ultraviolet rays. Samples are examined at a laboratory to make sure that it is free from any harmful bacteria and conforms to health specifications.
Apart from this, he said samples of Zamzam water are also taken from different sites, including pumping and distribution stations.

Random samples are also taken from water coolers. All these samples are thoroughly examined at the quality control laboratory to ensure that it is fit for human consumption and not contaminated or mixed with normal water.
He said the administration at the Prophet’s Mosque provides 220 tons of Zamzam water, in more than 12,000 water coolers, to worshippers on a daily basis. In addition, more than one million disposable plastic cups are provided every day at the mosque.
He said the water tanks used to load the Zamzam water are sterilized and fumigated before transportation takes place from Makkah to Madina. When the water tanks arrive in Madina, samples are again taken to ensure its safety.
The Zamzam is then pumped into underground tanks. These tanks are cooled and sterilized, so this proves that there is little chance of the water being mixed or contaminated.
He said surplus Zamzam water is distributed to citizens and visitors. A special area is prepared for the distribution of Zamzam water at Al-Sabeel.
The distribution process starts daily from 9 A.M. and continues till midnight, Al-Harbi said.





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