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Abbas (AS) was the son of Imam Ali (AS). His mother was Fatima binte Hizam. Imam Ali (AS) after the sad demise of Lady of Paradise had asked his brother Aqeel to look for a brave tribe for marriage so as to have a son who will represent him and protect Imam Husayn (AS) in Karbala. After the marriage, when she came in the house, Bibi Zaynab and Bibi Umme Kulsoom welcomed her and asked her to sit in the room. Ummul Banin

(SA) refused to sit at Lady of Paradise’s place and said that she had come as a servant!

Further, she requested Imam Ali (AS) not to call her by Fatima because it may remind the children of their mother.

Abbas (AS) was born in Madina in the year 26 AH. His birth had brought waves of pleasures in Imam Ali (AS)’s family as the birth of their moon that would light this world with his merits and would add immortal glory to the numerous glories of the Hashemite. Imam Ali recited 44 times azan in new born’s right ear and iqama 45 times in left ear.

Imam Ali (AS) named the new born as “al-Abbas” and nick name Abul Fazl meaning father of virtue. Abbas means courageous, the strong, and the attacker like a Lion.

He learned morals, ethics, and excellence from his illustrious father. He was kind and merciful. Imam Ali had foretold that his son would shoulder the responsibility of protecting the harem of his brother and would sacrifice himself for his religion and belief.

Imam Husayn (AS) had unique relation with Abbas (AS) and at one occasion in Karbala, he addressed Abbas (AS) as “Ride on, May I be your sacrifice”. When Abbas (AS) breathed his last in Karbala while his head was on the laps of Imam Husayn (AS), the Imam said “Now, my spine is broken and I have become helpless”

Imam Zainul Abedin (AS) said “Allah may have mercy on my uncle Abbas (AS). He preferred his brother to himself, did well, and sacrificed his life for his brother and lost his two hands. Thus, Allah will give him two wings with which he will fly with the angels in Paradise”

Imam Jafer al-Sadiq (AS) said “My uncle al-Abbas was clear-sighted and steadfastly faithful. He fought with his brother, did very well and was martyred”.

Abbas (AS)’s titles were:

Qamar-e-Bani Hashim Moon of the Hashemite

As-Saqqa The Provider of water

Alamdar Standard Bearer

Shahen Shahe Wafa King of Loyalty

Babul Husayn Door to Husayn

Babul Hawaij Door to fulfilling needs

Afzalush Shuhada Most Superior Martyr

Abu Qurba Owner of the skin of water

Strength of Husayn

Abbas (AS) took part in the Battle of Siffeen wearing his father’s clothes. He killed many enemy soldiers. By his bravery, people thought that Imam Ali (AS) is fighting but when Imam Ali (AS) actually came out then the misunderstanding was cleared. Abbas (AS) was trained by his father in the art of warfare.

A horse named “Uqab” meaning Eagle was given to him. It is reported that the horse was presented to Holy Prophet (S) by the king of Yemenand was also used by Imam Ali (AS).

Initially it was named Murtajiz which is derived from Rijiz meaning thunder (lightening).

At the death bed, Imam Ali gave every ones hand into the hands of Imam Hasan (AS) except Abbas (AS). He was very upset but Imam Ali called Imam Husayn and gave his hands into Imam Husayn’s hand and reminded his responsibility towards Imam Husayn (AS). From very young age, Abbas (AS) loved Imam Husayn (AS) and used to be on his toes to take care of him. One day Imam Husayn (AS) felt thirsty and Abbas (AS) rushed to get water. He was bringing water in a pot on his head and while walking some water overflow and drenched his clothes. Seeing this, tears appeared in Imam Ali (AS) eyes . On enquiry, the Imam said that a time will come when in Karbala, Abbas (AS) will go to fetch water for Imam Husayn (as)’s children and his clothes will be drenched in his blood.

Abbas (AS) treated Imam Husayn (AS) a master and also addressed him as master.

When the governor of Madina called Imam Husayn (AS), Abbas (AS) along with eighteen warriors of Bani Hashem escorted him. They remained outside the palace and requested Imam Husayn (AS) to call them if need be. When they heard Imam’s raised tone of voice, they all rushed in with drawn swords but the Imam pacified them.

From start of the caravan of Imam Husayn (AS), Abbas (AS) was responsible for safety

and tranquility. Bibi Zaynab (SA) was confident as long as Abbas (AS) was there.

On the day of Ashura, when he could no more hear the voices of children for water, he got permission from Imam Husayn (AS) to go in the battle field to get water. Being the son of the Victor of Khyber, Abbas (AS) attacked the enemy and penetrated their ranks and reached the banks of river Eupherate. He picked up water in his palm and showed that was the water enemy deprived the family of Saqi-e-Kausar and threw back in the river. He filled up the bag with water and started to return to the camp when the coward enemy started the barrage of arrows but he continued his march towards the camp when an enemy struck his right hand. He quickly shifted the bag in left hand but soon that hand was also severed from his body but he caught the bag in his teeth but when an arrow struck it, the water flowed away and ultimately he fell on the ground. At that time the whole life’s events were passing in front of his mind’s eyes. He called Imam Husayn (AS) and when he came, Abbas (AS) was still alive and whispered softly “Master, I have some last wishes;

when I was born I had first looked at your face and it is my last desire that when I die my gaze may be on your face, but my one eye is pierced by an arrow and there is blood in my other eye. If you will clear the eye I will be able to see you. My second wish is that you should not carry my body in the camp because I promised to bring water to Sakina and I cannot face her even after death. Besides, I know the blows you have received since morning have crushed you. My third wish is that Sakina may not be brought here to see my plight.” Imam Husayn (AS) sobbingly promised him and said “Abbas, I too have a wish to be fulfilled. Since childhood you have always called me master. For once at least, call me brother” The blood was cleared and one brother looked at the other. Abbas was heard whisper “My brother my brother” with these words Abbas surrendered his soul to his Maker and Imam Husayn (AS) fell unconscience on the dead body of Abbas(AS) with a cry.

It is said that the waters of Euphrate circumvents the grave of Abbas (AS) beneath the Mausoleum.








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