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Tauba means to return or come back. It means a man feels sorry for his sins and sincerely prays to Allah to abstain from committing the same sin again. If the sin can be addressed to like discharge any unfulfilled obligation, then he should discharge that liability and if it cannot be done then he should perform such deeds for the aggrieved person that on the Day of Judgment he may be pleased with the sinner. The basic cause of repentance is the knowledge and conviction of reward and punishment. No man is exempt from repentance because every one makes mistake or intention or thought of committing a sin.

As soon as a man commits a sin, he should repent right away because no one knows when he will die. If he postpones repentance he may not repent at all. Moreover, this repentance is a clear evidence that his mind is still intact on natural integrity.

The Holy Prophet (s) said “If a man repents one year before his death, Allah will accept his repentance. He further said that even if he repents one month before or one day before or even one hour before his death, Allah will accept his repentance and forgive his sins”

Duaa-e-Tauba is as follows:

O Allah, O He whom the depiction of describers, fails to describe,

O He beyond whom passes not the hope of the hopers,

O He with whom is not lost the wage of the good-doers,

O He who is the ultimate object of the fear of the worshippers,

O He, who is the utmost limit of the dread of the God-fearing,

This is the station of Him whom sins have passed from hand to hand.

Offenses’ reins have led him on,

And Satan has gained mastery over him.

He fell short of what you have commanded through negligence,

and he pursued what you have prohibited in delusion,

like one ignorant of your power over him,

or one who denies the bounties of your beneficence toward him,

until, when the eye of guidance was open for him,

and the clouds of blindness were dispelled, he reckoned that through which he had

wronged himself,

and reflected upon that in which he had opposed his Lord.

He saw his vast disobedience as vast and his great opposition as great.

So turned to you, hoping in you ashamed before you,

and he directed his beseeching toward you, having trust in you.

He repaired to you in his longing with certitude and he went straight to you in fear

with sincerity.

His longing was devoid of every object of longing but you,

and his fright departed from every object of fear but you.

So he stood before you pleading,

his eyes turned toward the ground in humbleness,

his head bowed before your might in lowliness;

he revealed to you in meekness those secrets of his which you know better than he;

he numbered for you in humility those sins of which you count better than he;

he sought help from you before the dreadful into which he has fallen in your knowledge;

and the ugly which has disgraced him in your judgment:

the sins whose pleasures have turned their backs and gone,

and whose evil consequences have stayed and stuck fast.

He will not deny your justice, my God, if you punish him

nor will he consider your pardon great if you pardon him and have mercy upon him,

for you are the Generous Lord

for whom the forgiveness of great sins is nothing great

O god so here I am: I have come to you obeying your command

for you have commanded supplication

and asking the fulfillment of your promise

for you have promised to respond

you have said “Supplicate Me and I will respond to you”(40:60).

O God, so Bless Muhammad and his Household,

meet me with your forgiveness just as I have met you with my confession,

lift me up from the fatal infirmities of sins just as I have let myself before you,

and cover me with your covering just as you have shown no haste to take vengeance on me

O God, make firm my intention to obey you,

strengthen my insight in worshipping you,

give me the success of works

which will wash away the defilement of offenses,

and take me when you take me in the creed of your Prophet,

Muhammad (peace be upon him).

O God, I repent to you in this my station from

my sins, great or small,

my evil deeds, inward or outward

my lapses, past and recent,

with the repentance of one who does not tell himself that he might disobey

or secretly think that he might return to an offense.

You have said, my God, in the firm text of your Book,

that you ‘accept repentance from your servants,

pardons evil deeds (42:25) and loves the repeaters (2:222),

so accept my repentance as you have promised, pardon my evil deeds as you have guaranteed,

and make obligatory toward me your love as you have stipulated’

to you my Lord, belongs my stipulation that I will not return to what is disliked by you

my guaranty that I will not go back to what you blame

and my covenant that I will stay away from acts of disobedience to you.

O God, you know better what I have done, so forgive me what you know

and turn me through your power to what you love.

O God, counted against me are claims that stay in my memory,

and claims that I have forgotten,

while all of them remain in your eye that does not sleep,

and your knowledge that does not forget.

So compensate their owners, lighten their load upon me,

lift up their weight from me, and preserve me from approaching their like.








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