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The Black Seed: A Remedy for Every Illness

The black seed contains phosphates, iron, phosphorous, carbohydrates and carotene which help the body combat cancer. It contains substances that stimulate sexual hormones, urine production, and bile. It contains digestive enzymes, and is an antacid. It simultaneously calms and stimulates. It strengthens the immune system, prevents disease, and heals disease. So eat the black seed, black seed powder, or black seed oil regularly with every meal. Mix it with honey, mint tea or orange juice. The black seed was used more than 1000 years ago in many countries in the Middle East and Far East as a natural way of healing. Complex oil can be extracted from the black seed; in fact, the seed is 40% oil. The seeds also contain fifteen amino acids, protein, calcium, iron, sodium and potassium as active ingredients that support the production of thymocytes (precursors to T-cells) and thymidine (found in DNA).

Many specialists have done studies on the effect of the black seed on the immune system. The results shows that the black seed strengthens the immune system because it increases the number of lymphocytes or white blood cells by 72%. This is why black seed has a great effect on cancer, destroying the diseased cells. Black seed oil has a deleterious effect on the virus that causes the cells to grow rampant and so it protects against cancer. The active ingredients of the black seed have a strong and obvious effect against malignant tumors. Black seed also cures arthritis and inflammation. It is also effective against the destructive virus which causes bilharzia which affects the liver.

The Messenger of Allah (salla allahu ʿalayhi wa-salaam) informed [us] that the black seed is a cure for every disease (narrated by al-Bukhari).This is because, as it has been affirmed, black seed activates and strengthens the immune system by increasing the number of cells assisting the immume system by 75%. These cells naturally destroy viruses, microbes and bacteria. All of these cells are lymphocytes specializing not only in preventing cancerous cells from further growth, but actually destroying them. This scientific fact is revealed in hadith. No one comprehended it at that time or spoke about it to others 1500 years ago, except a Prophet who was sent from Allah (Glory be to Him, the Most High). "And he does not speak on a whim. [His speech] is naught save revelation revealed." [Q53:3-4].

1) relieves neurosis: take 1 tsp. of black seed and mix it with a Turkish cupful of coffee; this calms the nerves and removes tension.

2) treats coughing and asthma: massage black seed oil on the chest and the back; add 1 tsp. of black seed to boiling water, and drink 3 times a day; inhale steam from boiling the black seed.

3) treats lethargy and laziness: mix 1 tsp. of black seed with orange juice in the morning for 10 days.

4) stimulates memory and comprehension: boil 1 tsp. of black seed with 3.5 oz. (100 gms.) of fresh mint in 1 cup of water; drink for 10 days.

5) diabetes: mix 1 cup of black seed with 1 cup of ground pomegranate rind; take 1/2 tsp. daily for 1 month, and 1 tsp. of black seed on an empty stomach.

6) kidney stones and bladder stones: mix 1/2 Ib. (1/4 kg.)of black seed with 1/2 Ib. (1/4 kg.) of pure honey; take 1 tbsp. every morning on an empty stomach.

7) vomiting and nausea: add 1 tbsp. of black seed and 1 tbsp. of ground cloves to 1 cup of boiled mint tea 3 times a day.

8) psoriasis: mix 1 cup of black seed with 1 cup of lemon juice; apply for 3 days; repeat as long as necessary.

9) inflammation from rubbing thighs: wash the area well with water and soap; then dry; then apply black seed oil at night and leave until the morning; repeat for 3 days and more if necessary.

10) inflammation of the heart and constriction of the arteries: add 1 tbsp. of black seed to any hot drink; this expands the veins and the arteries.

11) for removing warts: wash with the water of boiled black seed and continue for 15 days; also, drink 1 tsp. of black seed in a drink 3 times a day.

12) treatment of backache and rheumatism: rub firmly with black seed oil and drink 1 tsp. of black seed in a drink 3 times a day; by Allah's permission there is a cure in 2 weeks.

13) headache: rub gently with black seed oil where there is pain, and on the forehead and the temples; the headache will completely disappear; take 1 tsp. of black seed in a drink on an empty stomach for 3 days.

14) stomach cramps: mix 1 tsp. of black seed in 1 cup of milk; drink 3 times a day for 5 days.

15) treatment for women, childbirth, and the protection of the embryo: mix 1 tsp. of black seed with anise tea sweetened with honey 5 times a day for 40 days.

16) sexual impotence: mix 7 oz. (200 gms.) of black seed with 50 gms. of olive oil, 3.5 oz. (100 gms.) of male gum arabica, and 7 oz. (200 gms.) of pure honey; mix well; take 3 tsp. every morning before breakfast; continue for 3 weeks.

17) treatment for alopecia (baldness): rub the scalp with lemon juice; leave for 15 minutes; then wash with water and shampoo; dry; then apply black seed oil to all of the scalp; repeat for 1 week.

18) eye disease and weakness: apply black seed oil around the eyes and lashes 1/2 hour before sleeping; also drink 1 cup of carrot juice mixed with 1 tsp. of black seed in the morning and at night for approximately 1 month.

19) treatment for high blood pressure: add 1 tsp. of black seed to all hot drinks; eat 2 cloves of garlic on an empty stomach in the morning; rub the body with black seed oil, and expose the body to the sun for 1/2 an hour once every 3 days; continue this treatment for 1 month.

20) diarrhea: take 1 tbsp. of black seed twice a day for 3 days.

21) protection from all disease: mix 1 tsp. of black seed with 1 tsp. of honey; take every morning. If you keep this routine, you will have complete health all of your life with the permission of Allah.




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