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Newsletter for November 2007


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                                                  Itís Never Too Late!

                                         - Marryam Naqvi, 13, New Jersey

In life, there are people that come and go,

We are all trying to find a way to let go,

of this so called harmless feeling,

Am I still breathing?

Life is not what we always thought it would be,

Just hold on, they said, everything will be alright,

The days come, and the nights pass,

 Iíve found that weíve still got this life to live,

So, go ahead, make your mistakes,

You will soon realize

That nobodyís perfect,

And to simply live life to the fullest,

Love when you can, cry when you must.

Lo! The clock is ticking,

But thereís still so much time left!

We are all becoming what we want to become, so why stop here?

Itís something that Iíve heard over and over again

So, whenever you seem to be stuck in that ďendless strifeĒ

Just hold on, because thereís still time, and remember,

Itís not too late!

Itís never too late!







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