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The word Iblis is derived from “Balasa” meaning “the despaired”. Iblis was one of the jinn. Jinn are created from fire and are considered to have free will.

The word jinn have been used in Holy Qur’an for 19 times in the following verses:

1.            When We told the angels to prostrate before Adam, they all obeyed except Iblis, who abstained out of arrogance, and so he became one of those who deny the truth. (2:34)

2.            We created and shaped you, then told the angels to prostrate themselves before Adam. All the angels obeyed except Iblis, who did not. (7:11)

3.            Allah asked, “What made you disobey Me? He (Iblis) replied, “I am better than Adam, for you have created me out of fire and Adam out of clay.” (7:12)

4.            Iblis asked the Lord to give him respite (keep him alive) until the Day of Resurrection. (7:14)

5.            Then Iblis said, “Because you have made me go astray, I shall certainly try to seduce people into straying from the right path.” (7:16)

6.            Except Iblis who refused to join with the others in prostration. (15:31)

7.            Allah asked Iblis, “What made you not to join the others in prostration?” (15:32)

8.            Iblis replied, “I did not want to prostrate in honor of a human being whom You have created out of changing, sticky clay.” (15:33)

9.            Iblis replied, “Lord, grant me respite until the Day of Judgment.” (15:36)

10.          Iblis said, “Lord, because you have caused me to go astray, I shall make earthly things attractive to (people) and mislead all of them.” (15:39)

11.          When We told the angels to prostrate before Adam , they all obeyed, except Iblis who said, “Should I prostrate before one whom You have created out of clay” (17:61)

12.          When We told the angels to prostrate in honor of Adam (before Us) they all obeyed except Iblis. He was a jinn and he sinned against the command of his Lord. Why do you (people) obey him and his offspring instead of Me, even though they are your enemies? (18:50)

13.          And the army of Iblis will all be thrown headlong into Hell. (26:95)

14.          Iblis made his judgment about them to come true. They all followed them except a believing group. (34:20)

15.          Except Iblis, who puffed himself up with pride and became a disbeliever. (38:74)

16.          The Lord said, “Iblis, what prevented you from prostrating before what I have created with My own hands? Was it because of your pride or are you truly exalted?” (38:75)

17.          He said, “I am better than he is. You have created me from fire and him out of clay.” (38:76)

18.          He said, “Lord, grant me respite until the Day of Resurrection.” (38:79)

19.          He said, “By Your Glory, I shall seduce all of them (children of Adam)”

Iblis was one of the Shaitans who was responsible for the exit of Hazrat Adam from theParadise. At this stage we have restricted ourselves with Iblis. Because we picked up only those verses in which word Iblis was used, but in those cases where he promises to seduce and mislead the children of Hazrat Adam he accepts that Allah’s special and sincere servants will not be influenced by his seduction. They are the prophets and the Progeny of the Holy Prophet (SAWS).

After reviewing the above verses of the Holy Qur’an we can draw the following conclusions:

1.            Pride is a sin.

2.            Iblis thought he is wiser than Allah (SWT).

3.            He believed in Allah(SWT) as the Creator.

4.            He believed in Day of Judgment.

5.            He believed in “Allah’s sincere servants who were infallible-prophets.

6.            He is declared enemy of the children of Adam i.e. human race. He openly disclosed his plan of seduction, as he said, “I shall make earthly things attractive to people and mislead them.”

7.            In spite of his beliefs as mentioned above, by disobeying Allah for non prostration to Adam, Allah had condemned him as a “disbeliever” (38:74)

We should think very carefully about ourselves as to where we stand? One can be deceived by hypocrisy but Iblis had openly expressed his enmity. We should obey the Allah’s commands as prescribed in the Noble Qur’an, the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet, and the practices and sayings of our Infallible Imams. Watch what we say, eat, see and practice in our lives. Be very careful of Iblis!








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