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Universal Muslim Association of America


  In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.


  Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is imperative that the American Muslims strategize with clarity of vision to engage with the wider American society to cooperate with one another on the basis of righteousness (birr) and God-consciousness. (taqwa). At the same time, as we try and raise a generation of Muslims who are steeped in their faith and also be good citizens, it is our call to nurture them so that not only will they retain Islamic values, but will share those values for the betterment of the wider society; for Islam is not an eastern ideology, but a universal code of life for the betterment of humanity.

Be ACTIVE and join the convention! Hear and meet great Muslim speakers, thinkers and activists in North America, see below for details or visit their website for the line-up of speakers, topics, and events:






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