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Ethics of choice we make !

Ethics deals with choices that we can live by. Ethics is about moral judgments, and is an expression of attitudes, feelings and preferences about how we ought to live, and what decisions we ought to make. Ethics is not divorced from reason and experience. Ethical decisions are based on a series of principles and moral values that are attached to human actions and conscious thinking. 

Philosophers have been arguing about right and wrong for thousands of years. Some philosophers believe that actions are good or bad depending on their consequences. If an action brings about greater overall happiness or fulfillment, then it is preferable to other actions which lead to less happiness or fulfillment. Other philosophers argue that actions are right or wrong in themselves, regardless of circumstance or consequences. They believe that you should not treat others as a means to an end. You should treat others as an end in themselves.

Modern bioethics often stresses four key principles: the principle of autonomy, meaning that individuals must be able to make their own choices; the principle of beneficence, which is about doing good and acting in the person's best interests; the principle of non-malfeasance, in other words to avoid doing harm; and the principle of justice, which is about fairness. But in a 
particular situation, these principles sometimes conflict with each other, and it is not always easy to decide which is the most important principle to follow. 

Ethical values have changed over time, and continue to change. Science, society and philosophy develop, and our perception of the world around us changes, making an impact on how we value and see things. Many of our daily actions and decisions are guided not only by personal feelings, but also by the demands of society and by what other people expect us to do. The most important thing is for you to make up your own mind. Remember, a well informed and well thought-out decision usually begins with sincere personal reflection, taking into account how a choice we make today will affect our lives, lives of our children, even lives of people who matter in our life. 





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