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Islam and Nature
by Sayyid Bakir al-Hassanie

The word islam is derived from the Arabic tri-letter root salima, which literally means "to be or become safe, of original nature, with no impurity"; and also connotes "to be or become pure or perect" or "to regain one's own purity, perfection and original nature". Thus, Islam, literally, means "the state or process of regaining one's own purity, perfection and original nature." 

If one reads the Qur'an carefully, one should have no difficulty to find out that the essence of the Divine Message of Islam is to know Allah, the Creator, Protector and Lord of all. In fact, the Qur'an and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad [s] are just guidelines to explain the process of how to get closer to the Creator in order to know Him.

In many occasions, the Qur'an declares that man is not created in vain, but for a Divine purpose. For example, the Qur'an states: "And I have not created jin and men but to adore", the Prophet said means "to know." This explanation is confirmed by the Hadith Qudsi, wherein Allah [swt] says: “I was a hidden treasure, and I loved to be known; therefore, I created the creation to be 
known.” Form the foregoing, it becomes clear that all this entire existence is created purposefully, and the purpose of creating man is to know Allah. 

Because of the lengthy process of socialization that man go through since his birth on this earth, man has lost most of his innate spiritual ability to know his Creator without help. For this reason, the Divine Wisdom sent through history Prophets and Messengers to mankind in order to guide them spiritually. The Qur’an affirms that all Divine Massages call upon human beings to purify 
themselves and to deal with others righteously in order to get closer to their Creator and be able to know Him. 

However, Islam is the only deen “way of life” or religion that controls every aspect of human life. In Islam, there is no divorce between what is mundane and what is spiritual. In fact, since fourteen centuries the Qur’an states that everything in this existence runs into “an orbit” falak. This is just one of many facts that science has discovered recently. This cyclic motion of every action is behind what is called the law of cause and effect. For this reason, Islam stipulates that man must maintain justice in order to live in harmony, cooperation and peace. Because injustice leads to more injustice. It is a running cycle, wherein no separation between the beginning and the end. 

For the sake of simplicity and to make this idea clear, the Qur'an states that "we are from Allah and to Him we return." Since all human beings are originally from Allah and to Him they return, one has to live righteously in order to regain one’s own purity, perfection and original nature. Thus, Islam is, in my opinion, a way of life or a process for regaining one’s own purity, perfection and original nature in order to know his Creator and be in peace forever.





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