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Newsletter for December 2010


How to Learn Words in Arabic

By Filonia Lechat

  1  Translate your thoughts with an English to Arabic dictionary, such as "The Concise Oxford English-Arabic Dictionary of Current Usage" by Safa Khulusi, et al.; "Arabic Practical Dictionary" by Nicholas Awde and K. Smith; "English-Arabic Arabic-English Dictionary and Phrasebook" by Jane Wightwick and Mahmoud Gaafar; "Pocket Arabic Dictionary" by Fethi Mansouri; or the "English-Arabic Dictionary: For the Use of Both Travelers and Students" by Francis Joseph Steingass.

  2 Plug words into an online translation website such as SDL's Free Translation application. Type the word, sentence or phrase and select "Arabic." The site automatically translates. Keep in mind the website may not be able to translate certain words and won't recognize pronouns, slang or proper names of people, businesses or locations.

  3 Log on to an online/distance learning introductory course on Arabic from schools such as Arabic 2000 and Arabi College, offering a beginner-level course to be completed over three months' time. Classes include grammar, reading, pronunciation and quizzes.

  4 Enroll in a continuing education class in Arabic. Continuing education courses usually require no prior education (though they may be held at colleges or schools) or experience. Courses are usually short-term and may be held at night. Learn Arabic through options such as the New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies' classes in "Arabic: Modern Standard," "Arabic to English Literary Translation" and "Arabic to English Commercial Translation."


  5 Open a word processing program such as Microsoft Word and type an English word, such as "cat." Highlight the word with the cursor, right-click it and select "Translate," where applicable. Pull down the translation menu and select "Arabic" to see a quick translation version of the word.







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