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Newsletter for May 2010


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Muhammed Khaku (PA, United States)


Imam Ali (a) says: “Man is a wonderful creature; he sees through the layers of fat (eyes), hears through a bone (ears) and speaks through a lump of flesh – tongue, which is a ferocious beast that if let lose, it will cause injury.” While the Prophet of Islam says; “The destruction of man lies in three things: his stomach, his lust and his tongue.” 

Tongue is an important organ of human body, which is under voluntary control and moves faster than any limbs, never ages or gets sick and works continuously for an entire day without getting tired. The tongue can also be one of most dangerous organ of the human body which can slice and dice many hearts. Tongue has the potential to influence positively or negatively depending how one uses it. The tongue can be as sharp as a sword or as sweet as honey and the pains caused by the tongue are worse than that caused by the strike of a sword. 

It is said that two things never return back, an arrow leaving the bow and the words from the mouth. When the tongue is under control, the entire body is controlled. And Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “Among all things the tongue deserves to be in prison longer because it commits most sins such as telling lies, backbiting, gossip and insults. Tongue should be use positively to speak the truth, and utter praise (Zikr) of the Lord.  

Islam strictly discourages the misuse of tongue by vain talking, backbiting, teasing, abusing and hurting others feeling.. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) says: "Blessed is the man who speaks good and is triumphant; or keeps silent in the face of evil and is secure". [11]. Among the best characteristics of a Muslim is to speak only the words of goodness and reconciliation. The demonstration of an intelligent person's intellect is through their reputation of good speech.  

Undoubtedly, our tongue is one of our greatest blessings. The tongue with the ability to speak is a gift by the Lord. This has been stated in the following verse in Qur'an: "He has created man: He has taught him speech (and intelligence)." [Sura Rahman 55:3-4] 

The fourth Imam in the “Treatise On Rights” says: “And the right of the tongue is that you consider it too noble for obscenity, accustom it to good, direct it to politeness, do not use it except in situations of needs and benefits of the religion”.  

But the best advise of control of the tongue and to have a pleasing tongue and sound heart comes from Prophet Luqman who  was so wise and respected that a  Chapter (Surah) in the Qur’an  is called by his name (Chapter 31). 

Luqman was an Ethiopian slave who worked as a carpenter. One day, his master ordered him to slaughter a goat and bring him the most pleasant and delicious two parts. Luqman did so and brought him the tongue and heart. The master asked: Did not you find anything more pleasant than these? Luqman said: No! After a few days the master ordered him to slaughter a goat and bring the worst two morsels. Luqman slaughtered the goat and brought the tongue and heart. On receiving them his master smiled, fascinated by Luqman's choice of the 'worst' The master exclaimed and said: I ordered you to bring me the most delicious parts and you brought me the tongue and heart, and I ordered you to bring the most malignant parts and you brought the tongue and heart, how can this be? Luqman said: “There is nothing better than these if they are good, and there is nothing worse than these if they are bad”.





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