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An Excerpt from  "The Prophet of Islam", an English translation

by the late Dr. Syed Haider Hussain Shamsi

Prophet Ayub (Job) was a descendant of A'mis, the third son of Ishaq.  Allah had granted him great wealth and a large family, and he lived in comfort and peace. 

Allah wanted to test his steadfastness of faith in plenty and in deprivation. Once lightening struck his live stock and all his animals perished. This was followed by a storm that destroyed his crops. The test of deprivation continued, and his house collapsed over his family, killing all his children.  Every time a calamity struck, he went down in submission to Allah acknowledging that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. There is none other than Allah who has the power to provide and sustain His creatures in this world and beyond. 

The trial of patience continued, and Ayub developed ulcers over all his body, and the maggots ate his rotting flesh. At these troubled times, many of his friends and followers abandoned him. Only his beloved wife Raheemah stayed with him throughout his troubles. She washed and caressed his wounds and fed him with whatever she could gather. 

The towns people forced him and his devoted wife out into the wilderness. The series of painful trials did not shake him in his belief in the Benevolence of Allah. He exhibited his contentment over the trials of life and with whatever meager provisions he had. Allah was pleased with His steadfast servant. He gave him full recovery from his oozing sores. Upon recovery from his illness, he toiled in his land and regained his wealth that far exceeded his previous possessions. Allah granted him new and expanded progeny. His circle of friends and followers grew larger than ever, and all wondered over what Ayub had sustained. This added greater strength to the faith of the believers. 

The patience and perseverance of Ayub in the face of all suffering is proverbial and the best example for people of all times. 

References: al Qu'an: Sura Anam, Anmbiya', Jinn.





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