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Prophet ISHAQ (A.S.)

English Translation by SYED HAIDER HUSSAIN SHAMSI 


Ishaq was born to Sarah the first wife of Ibrahim nine years after the birth of Ismail to Hajirah.  

In fact the news of the birth of the second son was given to Ibrahim after passing the trial of the sacrifice of his son Ismail in Mina'. 

Ishaq lived in Kin'an and was appointed prophet towards his people by Allah.  He had two sons, who were twins.  They were named Issau and Ya'qub (Jacob). 

Banu Israil are named after Ya'qub who was also known as Israil.  

References:  al Qur'an: Sura Baqarah, An'am, Yusuf, Amubiya', Sa'ffat, Jinn.


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