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Why Rumi? Here are 12 Reasons


Mr. Shiva asked a group of about fifty participants in one of his workshops to define why Rumi meant so much to them. He then was able to group their responses in 12 distinct categories which are listed below with explanation.

1- Non-Intellectual: 
They found Rumi to cater to their hearts, emotions and instincts rather than intellects.

2- Levels: 
They found many levels in Rumiís poetry. The more they learned about Rumi, 
the more they appreciated his depth and were encouraged to dig deeper.

3- Unity: 
They found the sense of unity and universal siblinghood in Rumiís poetry to be very attractive.

4- Friend: 
They found him to be a friend.

5- Personal Process: 
Reading Rumi for them is a personal process. They associate themselves with him.

6- Grace Descending: 
Every time a Rumi poem was recited they felt Grace descending.

7- Longing: 
They associated with the sense of longing in Rumiís poems.

8- Love Affair: 
Rumi was like a lover to some of the participants.

9- Cultural Bridge: 
They found Rumi to form a cultural bridge for the Persians, Turks, Afghanis and the Arabs in this country. Through Rumi some Middle & Near Eastern people found a new acceptance in the U.S.

10- They Donít Even Like Poetry: 
Some expressed that they donít even like poetry but they love reading Rumi poems.

11- Participate in the Process: 
They found Rumi extremely expressive and found themselves participating in Rumiís own process.

12- Spiritual Guide: 
They found Rumi to be a spiritual guide for them.




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