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Health & Immunity….. Homeopathy: What You Need to Know

by Robert Kress, CCN

  The highest ideal of therapy is to restore health rapidly, gently, permanently; to remove and destroy the whole disease in the shortest, surest, least harmful way, according to clearly comprehensible principles.

Samuel Hahnemann,
Founder of Homeopathic Medicine in Organon of Medicine, 6th ed.

The above statement by pharmacist and physician, Samuel Hahnemann, describes the functional beauty of homeopathy. It is an exceptionally safe and effective form of medicine that treats the whole individual, is applicable to all ages, and is tremendously under utilized.

The term homeopathy comes from two Greek words, omia (meaning "same"), and pathos (meaning "suffering"). A homeopathic remedy is one that produces (to a lesser degree) the same symptoms as the illness it is meant to cure. In doing so, the remedy sharply induces the body into dispelling the ailment.

This defines the basic principle of homeopathy...the Law of Similars or "like cures like." The Law of Similars states that a given substance in high doses will cause a set of symptoms, and the same substance in lower doses can be used to treat those symptoms.

No harm is done in following this principle because most homeopathic preparations are diluted down to the point where the active ingredient is no longer physically detectable. The preparations are still effective, but there is generally no fear of drug interactions, making them safe to take in almost any situation.

Here are a few examples:

  • Bee stings: Apis mellifica made from the whole honey bee contains bee venom as the active ingredient.
  • Insomnia: Coffea cruda made from raw coffee, calms nervousness and induces sleep, often from over-stimulation.
  • Hot flashes: Lachesis mutus derived from snake venom induces the same symptoms as a hot flash -- a hot, burning, constricted feeling.

Homeopathic remedies aren't hard to find -- they are available at most health food stores and even some pharmacies. Two popular brands are Boiron and Hyland's. Because homeopathic remedies are closely controlled by the FDA, they are permitted to make certain health claims. For example if you were to pick up a tube of arnica ointment, it says: "Trauma, Bruises, and Muscle Soreness."

If you want to learn more about the gentle healing techniques of homeopathy, visit the websites of the National Center for Homeopathy and the International Foundation for Homeopathy. They are reliable resources for individuals who need more information on chronic disease states, specific conditions, and referrals to qualified homeopathic practitioners.

[Ed. Note: Robert Kress, CCN, is a Compounding and Consultant Pharmacist, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and Quantum Reflex Analysis Specialist. Robert is co-owner of an integrative pharmacy and clinical nutrition practice where he empowers his clients to unlock their health blockages through what he calls the Royal Pyramid of Health. 

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