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                                                                         By Syed Iftikhar Haider 

Without spending much time on defining the terminologies, I must point out that  “Al- ADEL (JUSTICE)”  IS THE STATE OF PERFECT BALANCE IN THE UNIVERSE. The word springs from Allah’s attribute of “AL- AADIL” and is well explained by the eighth ayet of surah Almaaida. This very ayah has decorated the Title page of our Convention Program. Quranic terms of “AL-QIST” and “AL-MEEZAAN” are the supporting words of Al Adl. 

The word “COMPASSION” is the translation of “AL- RAUUF”, one of God’s attributes; Meaning “ONE WHO REMOVES ALL SUFFERINGS”. Building of a “Global Society on Justice and Compassion” has been an Eternal Effort of all Righteous People on this Earth.

The famous  Poet  IQbal introduces *this struggle by simply saying that,                                                             Siteza kaar reha hai azel se ta imroze

Charagh-e Mustafwi se sharer-e Bu-Lahabi

(Since the very beginning till today, the devilish fire of Abu- Laheb has been at war with the Holy Light of  Mohammed Mustafa s.a.a.s.) 

 The Merciful Lord, through His Holy Messengers, tried to establish a Just and compassionate society, for about One hundred and twenty four thousand times and I dare not say, that He failed.

The very reason that, today we are talking of “justice and compassion”; in this  glorious hall ; near the Capital of materially most powerful nation on this Earth; is enough to prove, that painful sacrifices of the Holy Prophets and Imams,(a.s.) were not wasted. The Collective Message of their Truth” has now become, “the conscience of our Human race”.  

The total qualities of God’s Holy Prophets a.s. and His true Moumineen are expressed simultaneously in their character. They cannot be “just” without being “compassionate”; “truthful” without being “merciful”; or “believers” without being “muttaqi.” To be effective in their efforts, they have to wear Islam in totality. (Ref, 2:208)

 Poet IQBAL said: 

“Qahhari o Ghaffari o Quddusi o Jabrut

Yeh char anasir hon to banta hai musalman

Yeh raz kisy ko naheen maeloom keh moumin

Qari nazer aata hai haqeeqat mein hai Quraan

Qudret ke maqasid ka iyar us ke iradey

Dunya mein bhi meezan, Qeyamet mein bhi meezan

(Control over evil, and forgiveness; Purity and Power are the four traits of a Muslim. No one knows this secret that although a moumin appears to be the one who recites Holy Quran, but in reality, he himself is the Quran. His ambitions are the delicate balance that weighs the objectives of Nature, in this world as well as in the next world.)

The last couplet relates to the Quranic terms of AL-HAQQ-E-WEL-MEEZAN (The Truth and  The Balance (42:17)  AL_KITAB WAL- MIZAAN (The Book and The Balance( 57:27)

Imagine, that if this is the quality of a Moumin, then what will be the status of a True Ameer ul Moumineen? That is why some muslims greet their Imams by saying,”As salam o alaika ya shareek ul Quran”  

The call from the minerretts for “Al-Salaat” and “Al-Falah”, in Azaan is not just music that we switch off, when it sounds during our favorite TV program.

Al-Salaat, is defined in Holy Quran as “a programmed command” (ref.4:103) meant to “eradicate temptation and sin.” (ref.29:45); Similarly, Al-Zakaat, is an act to spend out of God’s given blessings, to establish The Religion, through the program of Al-Salaat (Ref.2:3). That is why In Quraan this word is written with Al-Salaat, exactly 27 times 0ut of total 32. I know for sure that one is not possible without the other.

Establishment of this grouped institution of Al-Salaat and Al-Zakaat are enough to establish

THE ONE AND ONLY ONE TRUTH OF ALL THE HOLY GOSPELS, AS SUMMED UP IN HOLY QURAN, and thus, establish a global society of AL-FALAH including Justice and Compassion on this Magnificent Earth.

Alas! Al-Salaat is reduced to reciting back to Allah swt  few Arabic words. and Al-Zakaat has been segregated from Al Salaat. Giving any further details on this topic would be like showing in words, the deep ocean streams, to people of a desert.  

The Holy Prophets and Imams a.s., The Minarets of Noor installed on the solid rock of righteousness; still illuminate all  horizons of human society. With Justice and compassion, they offered a most effective remedy, against the sufferings of the humans, by the hands of humans.

That is the Gospels of God as revealed through them.

Their eternal struggle and their associated hardships begin with the story of our own Creation.  

Adam (a.s) and Eve (s.a).  were in their childhood stage, when Satan lured them away by creating doubts in their innocent minds. He promised them eternal life, everlasting kingdom and becoming an angel; more over he swore to them that he is their well-wisher. That is how those two innocent souls were betrayed and made to eat from the forbidden tree. As a result, they reached adulthood sooner than normal, and started covering their private parts with the leaves of Heaven.

The compassionate God, Who was their Tutor too, taught them how to ask forgiveness and then forgave them. Please note, that they would not have been punished anyway, because childhood sin is no sin and more over they had already been forgiven.

They were created for this Earth as a replacement for Humanoids; they had to come here any how. Allah, who is Omnipresent and Eternal needs no Caliph to replace Him.

Please note the compassion and justice being taught to Adam a.s. and Eve s.a. during their upbringing. (Ref. 2:36-37; 7:19-23; 20: 117-121) 

The Justice and compassion of a Muttaqi Son of Adam a.s. for his Non Muttaqi Brother, is a model example for the Human brotherhood on this EarthBoth brothers presented their sacrifices to Allah and only from one  was it accepted.

The one whose sacrifice was not accepted said to the other, “I will kill you.”

The other replied, “God accepts the sacrifice from the Muttaqeen only. And if you raise your hand to kill me, I will not raise my hand, so that my sins also become your sins and you suffer in fire.”

As a result of this murder God decreed on Children of Israel that whosoever killed a human, except for a punishment for killing, or to stop riots on this Earth, that will be, as if he had killed the whole humankind. And whosoever saved one life, then that is like saving the life of whole humankind. (Ref: 5:27-32) THIS IS THE LAW OF JUSTICE AND COMPASSION IN THE BOOK OF GOD.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Please observe the face of our  global society in this mirror, and see how ugly we are. 

Noah a.s, was told by the powerful establishment of his time that,

“We find you utterly misguided, a liar, and a lunatic; and your  followers are low class, ill opinioned and of mean social level. You are only trying to get some kind of superiority over others. And if you do not stop, we will surely stone you to death.”

 Noah a.s., replied “I am blessed with a Rehmat that is hidden from you, and I can not compel you, while you have such a distaste for The Truth. Rest assured that I am not going to turn my believers away from me. To the contrary I see that you are a bunch of ignorant people.” (Ref, 11:27-30; 26:111)

Look at the moral courage, fearlessness, steadfastness and complete disregard for the opponent’s material greatness; in the face of hardships and sufferings.  Also, note the respect, love and compassion, in the heart of Noah for the poor down trodden believers.  

 Holy Prophet Abraham a.s. shattered all the idols of the temple except the largest one. As a punishment the establishment threw him in fire.   Allah s.w.t. commanded ,“O! Fire! Become cold and source of peace for Abraham.”(21: 69)

Poet Iqbal says,

“Aaj bhi ho jo Baraheem ka eeman paida

Aag ker sakti hai andaz-e gulistan paida.”

(Even today, if we have the faith of Abraham a.s. we can turn fire into a rose garden.) 

When, Abraham a.s. said to his son,

 “O! My son! I see in my dream that I am slaying you in sacrifice, tell me your view.”

The son replied,“O! My father! Do as you are commanded by God.  Insha Allah you will find me steadfast.”

Poet Iqbal raises a question here: “Ye faizan-e- nazer tha ya keh makteb ki karamet thi Sikhaey kis nein Ismaeel ko aadab-e-ferzandi ?”

(“Was this the blessing of a man of vision; or the miracle of his schooling?  Who taught Ismael a.s. the etiquettes of being a son?”)

 When Allah s.w.t. let Abraham go through such trials and found him perfect, He said, “I appoint you as an IMAM FOR ALL HUMANS.” Abraham asked, “And from my Offspring too?” God replied, “Yes but my promise will not be for sinners. (2:124)

Poet Iqbal states:

Hai wuhi terey zamaney ka Imam-e Berhaq

Jo tujhey hazir o moujood se baizar kare

Fitna-e millat-e baiza hai Imamet uski

Jo Muselman ko Salateen ka perestar karey.

(Only he is the rightful Imam of your period, who can make you look critically at the present state of affairs. Any such Imam who teaches you to become slave of the Rulers is in fact an evil for a righteous Umma.)

This is the kind of Imamet needed to establish a society on justice and compassion; and if we find one, then Quraan only would be his Guidebook. Quran that has been made “FERZ” by Allah s.w.t (28:85), like Hajj, Fasting, Salaat and Zakaat but no one teaches you Quraan as a Ferz.

Poet Iqbal said,

Terey zameer peh jub tek na ho nazool e Kitaab

Girah kusha hai na Razi Na sahib e Keshshaf

(Unless Quraan enlightens your conscience, no philosopher can ever solve your problems.) 

HOLY PROPHET LOT” a.s In his effort to establish, a Just and compassionate society had to face the worst kind of people on this Earth.*He said to his people,“You seek a perversion that previously no body ever did in the whole world. You seek men instead of women for your lust. You transgress the limits set by God.”

His people decided to expel him and his family from their town, giving the reason that they keep themselves pure from sin. (Ref:  7:80, 82)

 Ladies and Gentlemen! In a sinful society, being pure from sin is the biggest sin.

Also note, that if genes were the problem, then God would not have condemned the People of Lot.. 

 When Shoaib a.s. in his effort to stop injustice and lack of compassion, asked his people to give the full measure;  keep the weight balances even; do not give people less than their due; do not cause disturbance on this Earth after its correction and do not stop people from the right path.

Their reply was,

“O! Shoaib! We consider you Hakim ur Rasheed (wise and righteous). Does your “SALAAT” commands you that we should do away with worship of what our fore fathers worshiped, and we should not do whatever we like with our own belongings..” (Ref, 11:83-87)

( Like our last Prophet was accepted as Siddique and Ameen;  Shoaib a.s. was accepted WISE and RIGHTEOUS yet their message was rejected by their people.) 

Prophet Moses a.s.  had to face not only cruel Pharaohs but  moraly degraded Children of Israel as well.

 When Moses a.s. was late for only 10 days, Bani Israel started worshiping the cow, except those few who were with Aaron a.s,. (Ref: 7:142-155; 20: 83-98)

Inspite of his long struggle for establishing a moral society, Bani Israel told *Moses A.S. that he and his God should go and fight the enemy”. Moses had to apologize to God that, He has no control, except on himself and his brother Aaron a.s. (Ref: 5:25) 

When Christ a.s. asked, who would help him? His apostles said, “We will be the helper of God (Ansar Allah). We believe in Allah and you bear witness that we are Muslims.”(Ref, 3:52; 5:111)(None of these apostles died their natural death. But look! After 20 centuries, their message is still being taught over all the continents of the word.)

 Imagine how just and compassionate are the statements of Christ. a.s.

1. I have not come to change the Law but to put love into it.

2. Let that person cast the first stone who has never committed a sin.

3. When he was being tortured, He Prays! O, Lord! Forgive them; they  Know not what they do. 

Then comes The Crown of all The Prophets, The last of all Messengers s.a.a.s., in a City of Peace, in the family of Devout Muslims. His Mission was to “RE-RECITE” The Truth from QURAN, the “NEW EDITION” of all the Holly Gospels of God, and teach its KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM in order to PURIFY the hearts of those who accept The Truth. (Ref; 2:129)  

Let me bring forward only three instances from the biography of this last Role Model of humanity. 

1.    In the streets of Mecca, a mentally handicapped lady with bleeding wounds approached him and said  “You are the only one, who has  never teased me.” (Just imagine  a Holy Prophet receiving a Character Certificate from  a wise woman ,whom every one considered insane.”) The Holy Prophet s.a.a.s., with extreme         compassion, tore apart his Holy Turban, and in tears, started bandaging her open wounds. 

2.    When the brother of  Hazret Bilal, r.a. started his Journey from Ethiopia some one enquired, as to where was he going?”  He replied, “I am going to my brother’s master, who sits with him, so close, that their knees touch, and they eat from the same plate.” 

3.    ”While marching towards a battle with thousands of companions,   The Holy Prophet came across a canine having a litter of puppies.  He asked one companion to stand guard whilst the rest of the army was re routed so that the puppies would not get scared. 

Look at his Compassion and Justice for a retarded woman, a slave, and an animal. No wonder why the title of REHMATUN LIL AALEMEEN and RAUF UL RAHIM suited him so much.  

The exemplary way of Aa-imma-e Ahlebait a.s., was Exact Replica of the *Holy Prophet s.a.a.s  

Ladies and Gentlemen!The problems of the righteous people of ALL FAITHS in establishing a Global Society on Justice and Compassion today, are no different than they were in the past. Almost all the evils, for which the previous nations were condemned by God, have become part of our Global society………. in the name of religion, human rights, freedom of expressions, civilization, joy and pleasure,  quality of life,   will of people and national interests etc.

Nothing wrong with the slogans; but they should not be employed for causing misery, sufferings, poverty, hunger, exploitation, disease and death to millions of people on this earth.

If only, the people could “establish Quran”, like the Children of Israel were supposed to “establish Torahs and Bible”. Then I am sure they will reap their rewards from the heavens above and from the earth below. ( Ref. 5 : 66)   

Don’t we see how  religious rites of ALL RELIGIONS, have been reduced merely to the ritualistic recital of just few words from The Gospels; and million words of self-made interpretations to suit the establishments?  

If the righteous people of all faiths, get determined to establish a just and compassionate society, and remain steadfast on the straight path. Then by keeping the Candle of Truth burning in their hearts, and with the power of Almighty God on their side, they can become so fearless, that the darkness of the whole world would not be able to scare them. Once I wrote:

“Andherey se kahan jugnu ko khatra

Andhera bhagta hai roshni se.”

(How can a fire fly be afraid of darkness. Darkness runs away from light.) 

If we possess only as much Light of Truth as there is in a fire fly, and join hands to create a collective Tower of Light; then we can hope to establish a Global Society on Justice and Compassion.

Ladies and Gentlemen ! You might find my views too radical, but whatever I have said is mainly based on the guidance of Quranic ayaat. Other than that, I have used the verses of Philosopher Poet Iqbal, to express myself in the best possible words.

At the end I plea before My Allah The Compassionate and Merciful; and that too in words of Iqbal. He said:

“Ger dilum aaina-e be-johar ust

(If the mirror of my heart is no more able to reflect you;)

Ger be-harfum gher-e QURAAN muzmer ust

(If my words mean any thing other than Quraan;)

Roz-e Mahsher khuwar o ruswa kun mera

(Then on the Day of Judgment, O! My Lord! Treat me with condemnation and disrespect;)

Be-naseeb az bosa-e pa kun mera.

(and deprive me from the kiss of a Sajada in your feet.)








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