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Rumi on Death and Union (Vesal)

Rumi departed earthly life on 5 Jumadi II, 672 A.H (according to 
the Islamic lunar calendar; Dec 17, 1273 A.D., according to the 
Christian calendar). His death is referred to by Persians 
as "vesal", meaning "union (with the Beloved)", while in the Mevlevi 
Sufi tradition, the expression "shab-i aroos" (variously 
spelled "sheb-i arus", etc., in transliteration) is used, a phrase 
meaning "the wedding night" -- the night of Rumi's marriage to the 
Beloved. (The Sufi tradition of referring to the death of a Sufi 
saint as "urs" -- a wedding -- predates Rumi, and is still used in 
Sufi circles.)


I died from the mineral kingdom and became a
plant; I died to vegetative nature and attained to animality.
I died to animality and became a man. So why
should I fear? When did I ever become less through dying?

-- Mathnawi III: 3901-03
Translation by William P. Chittick
"A Sufi Path of Love"
SUNY Press, Albany, 1983







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