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Natural Relief for Headache Pain... in 5 Minutes!

by Dr. David Kamnitzer

  The vast majority of headaches are related to emotional stress, toxicity (just ask anyone who has experienced a hangover!), and/or structural (and body usage) issues. They may be painful and annoying, but most headaches are not emergencies that require immediate medical attention.*

With that said, here is a plan of action you can safely apply in five minutes or less that may help your head feel better.

Go get a glass of good quality room temperature water and squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the water. Drink the water.

Know that it is your intention to heal and to feel better. Believe that this can happen for you over the next few minutes.

Put a drop of LAVENDER oil on the following spots: the top of the back of the neck, the center of the forehead, and both temples (make sure to stay away from the eyes).

Take off your shoes and socks; lie down on your back with your knees bent, so that the bottoms of your feet are lying flat on the ground (if you can do this outside on the grass, so much the better).

Close your eyes.

As you do this, RECALL or IMAGINE a time before you had this headache -- a time when you felt fantastic! Get as specific and vivid as you can with your "felt sense" of this.

Keep your eyes closed and put both of your hands on your lower belly. Begin to take some slow gentle deep breaths so that your hands go UP toward the sky on your inhale. Breathe in through your nose and then let the air out through your mouth by simply opening the back of your throat.

Between each breath, smile INWARDLY with your mouth and eyes, and SAY (either silently or aloud) "Alert Mind, Calm Body".

Simply be with your breath. If your mind wanders, just notice that and then gently but firmly bring your attention back to the breath.

Do this for the next three minutes.

Now move your left hand so that it is behind your head (your head is now resting in the palm of your left hand).

Put the pad of your right middle finger right on the center of your pubic bone (the bone that is just above your genital area). Use moderate pressure. Continue breathing with your hands in this position for another 30 seconds.

Now allow yourself to become aware of something that you COULD feel grateful for ... and let yourself FEEL the gratitude as you take another deep breath ... Repeat this two more times.

Now gently and slowly allow your eyes to open and return to your day.

Unless you have an allergy to lemon or lavender, this protocol is completely safe and will often help a great deal.

It would take more space than we have in this article to explain all the reasons WHY this protocol is so helpful, but don't let that stop you from giving it a try.

*If you have a headache with any one of the following warning signs, seek medical attention immediately: Recent head trauma, especially associated with any loss of consciousness; fever of over 104; vomiting that lasts more than 4 hours; diarrhea that lasts more than 3 days; ANY change in vision; unexplained weight loss; bleeding; high blood pressure; shortness of breath; confusion; dizziness; loss of balance; slurred speech.

[Ed Note: David Kamnitzer, D.C. is an expert at helping people achieve high levels of health and well-being -- far beyond what is available simply through drugs and surgery alone. He combines his 20-year clinical experience and extensive knowledge in structural, nutritional, and energetic balancing to offer individuals cutting-edge approaches to healing.








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