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Newsletter for April 2009

Article 1    The Holy Qur'an Sura No:  68 (Al-Qal'm) ...translation by Abdullah Yusufali

Article 2    PROPHET ADAM (a)  Dr. Haider Hussain Shamsi(excerpted from his book: The Prophets of Islam)

Article 3    The Last Will of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (a)
Article 4    "RELIGION AND SCIENCE    AN ISLAMIC VIEWPOINT" by Asghar Ali Engineer

Article 5    Important Tax Changes From the Stimulus Bill by Elaine Floyd

Article 6     Book Review: "Rise and decline of Islamic civilization" by Muhammad Khan
Article 7     10 terms not to use with Muslims by Chris Seiple
Article 8    7 Ways to Boost Your Energy by Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS

Article 9     Way to Attaining Happiness by Ayed Al-Qarni

Article 10  Are Your Lungs Shrinking? by Al Sears MD
Article 11  The Traditionalists  vs. The Modernists
     Article 12  THE IDEA OF LOVE IN RUMI'S WORK by Anne Marie Schimmel







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