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Newsletter for December 2007



Article 1     The Holy Qur'an Sura 40 " The Believer" "The Forgiver" (GOD) Translated by Yusefali           More.....

Article 2     Repentance and Forgiveness

The Qur’ân and Sunnah speak frequently and emphatically about the fact that a worshipper who repents and asks forgiveness for his sins will be forgiven and will not be asked about those sins again. In fact, Allah tells us that those sins will be exchanged for good deeds.

Allah says: "Except those who repent and believe and work righteous deeds, for them Allah will change their evil deeds to good deeds, and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." [Sûrah al-Furqân: 70]   


Article 3     Islamic Economics: The Total Revolution by Dr. Robert D. Crane

I. The Economics of Tawhid

In a revolutionary age, half-assed revolutions accomplish nothing and merely bring on more injustice by failing to solve the real problems. 

For decades, Muslim economists have focused on the micro-problems of usury, but failed to address the larger problem of the wealth gap.  The charging of interest on loans is indeed a contributing factor, but a minor one.  So-called Islamic banks have been established and expanded their assets into the many billions of dollars by conning individual Muslims into “investing” their money in them as a requirement of their deen.  In fact, these banks, and especially the Islamic banking arms of the big multi-nationals, are fraudulent as means to promote economic justice because they have deliberately and assiduously joined the global banking system, with all of its institutional defects, in order to fit in.   


Article 4    Mission of Muslims in America: A Grand Strategy to Marginalize Extremists by Dr. Robert Dickson Crane

 Grand Strategy .............

Two thousand years ago the two most influential persons of that time for the future of humanity were Jesus Christ and Sun Tzu.  Jesus, ‘alayhi as-salam, taught how to wage peace.  Sun Tzu of China taught how to wage war.  They both introduced the concept known as “grand strategy.” 

 Grand strategy is morally neutral because it can serve any policy goals.  It is a tool, just as useful for Mother Theresa as for Osama bin Laden.  Grand strategy calls for a process of forecasting and planning to incorporate all the relevant variables, both threats and opportunities, into a holistic strategic design for the pursuit of policy goals.  Grand strategy may utilize vision-expanding exercises, such as the construction of alternative scenarios, based on hypothetical assumptions about factual reality and on probability assessments about the success of alternative strategies to pursue these goals within the given scenario.  Ideally, grand strategy may require reassessment of the goals themselves and even of the larger policy paradigms that originally gave rise to the goals.  More.....



Article 5    FRANKLIN Township, NJ: Muslims celebrate diversity By MARTIN C. BRICKETTO
                 Staff Writer,The Courier News
                 June 16, 2007

FRANKLIN (Somerset), NJ, — An eclectic serving of speakers, musical performances, art displays and poetry readings marked a gathering Saturday of Muslims from across the Garden State and beyond.

The diverse lineup of “Islam in the West: Past Glory, Present Reality” at the Garden State Exhibit Center shouldn’t catch anyone by surprise, said Ron Smith, a 36-year-old convert to Islam from New York.

“That’s what Islam is — diversity. You have that no matter what,” Smith said. “It’s important to show that. In today’s world, it doesn’t get shown enough.”

About 2,000 people from across the region were expected to attend the event, sponsored by representatives from Islamic Video Productions, New Islamic Directions and Bayann Inc.  


Article 6   INVINCIBLE!

According to a tradition narrated by ibn Sinaan, the Prophet said: "How amazing is the case of the believer; there is good for him in everything, and this characteristic is exclusively for him alone. If he experiences something pleasant, he is thankful, and that is good for him; and if he comes across some diversity, he is patient, and that is good for him." [Muslim]

Success is a trait that is generally lacking in the Muslim community. A Muslim is frequently caught between two traps while attempting to traverse a path exceedingly narrow. On one side, an individual is afflicted with calamities, and hence becomes spiteful. On the other side, a Muslim is trialed with all sorts of worldly temptations, and easily loses sight of the bigger picture. Yet in this hadith, the Prophet gives a simple formula, which solves this problem and provides the believer with comfort and assurance.

"How amazing is the case of the believer; there is good for him in everything, and this characteristic is exclusively for him alone"


Article 7    Muadh ibn Jabal   (radiy-Allahu 'anhu)

  The Prophet (salla-Llaahu 'alayhi wa-sallam) said: "The most knowledgeable of my ummah in matters of Halal and haram is Muadh ibn Jabal." 

Muadh ibn Jabal was a young man growing up in Yathrib as the light of guidance and truth began to spread over the Arabian peninsula. He was a handsome and imposing character with black eyes and curly hair and immediately impressed whoever he met. He was already distinguished for the sharpness of his intelligence among young men of his own age.   More.....


Article 8    Top Five Ways To Improve Conversation Immediately!

"Communication is a skill that you can learn. It's like riding a bicycle or typing. If you're willing to work at it you can rapidly improve the quality of this very part of your life."

- Brian Tracy, Author and Speaker

This report is based upon two kinds of research: First, research in the social sciences such as psychology, sociology, and communication studies. Second, 25 years of observation by the author of people engaged in conversation in many settings: couples, families, business talk, meetings, mixers, informal small talk, professional consultations a wide range.   More.....


Article 9    Convert a Lemon into a Sweet Drink  by Shaykh A.A. al-Qarnee

An intelligent and skillful person transforms losses into profits; whereas the unwise and the unskilled aggravate his own predicament, making two disasters out of one.

The Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam) was compelled to quit Makkah and he stayed at Madinah – the city that took its place in history with lightning speed.

Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal was imprisoned, severely tortured and flogged, yet he emerged triumphant, becoming the Imam of the Sunnah.   Imam ibn Taymiyah was put into prison; he came out an even more accomplished scholar. Imam As-Sarakhsi was kept as prisoner at the bottom of a deserted well and he managed therein to produce twenty volumes on Islamic jurisprudence. Ibn Atheer became crippled, and thereafter, he wrote Jamee` al-Usool wa an-Nihayah, one of the most famous books on the Science of Hadith. Milton wrote his two-parts epic poem, "Paradise Lost" and "Paradise Regained", when he had completely lost his eye sight. He writes:     More.....



Article 10   The Eagles Perch  Pathway to Achievement

 The best way to figure out how to do something is to do it. Make the commitment to make it happen, and you'll start working your way through the details.

Don't get bogged down speculating on how something will come about. Instead, get started on the best approach you have, and follow the path wherever it may lead.

When traveling along a road, you can never see the entire road at once, but that doesn't really matter. What does matter is successfully making your way through the portion of the road that is right in front of you.    More.....


Article 11    Fish intake linked to higher IQ in offspring By Stephen Daniells

Eating more than 340 grams of omega-3-rich seafood per week during pregnancy was associated with higher verbal intelligence quotient (IQ) scores in the children, says a new study.

The research is significant since it goes against recommendations of seafood consumption during pregnancy, which state women should not eat more than 340 grams per week to avoid exposing the fetus to trace amounts of pollutants in the fish, like methyl mercury, dioxins, and polychlorinated biphenyl's (PCBs).

The new research, published today in The Lancet, compiled data from 11875 pregnant women taking part in the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC). The women completed food frequency questionnaires to assess seafood consumption, and the development, behavior, and mental function of the children were measured from age six months to eight years. 


Article 12   The Sunrise Ruby by  Rumi

In the early morning hour,
just before dawn, lover and beloved wake
and take a drink of water.

She ask, "Do you love me or yourself more?
Really, tell the absolute truth."

He says, "There's nothing left of me.
I'm like a ruby held up to the sunrise.  







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