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the Message Continues ... i/63

the Message Continues i/63   -   Newsletter for  November  2006



Article   1     Holy Qur'an  

                     Surah 62  THE CONGREGATION (Surah Juma'a - Friday)  



                     Article   2     Resistance, terror & faith  by Irfan Husain

                    As terrorism continues to dominate the international agenda in one form or another, it might be a useful exercise to examine the different strands that constitute the phenomenon.       More.....



Article   3    WHY THE EARLY YEARS ARE SO IMPORTANT   How do children develop?

                  To encourage children’s best development, we need to understand the various ways they grow.

  • Children's physical development includes learning large muscle skills like jumping and running, and small muscle skills like cutting and pasting.
  • Intellectual development involves children's increasing ability to think and solve problems.
  • Emotional development is about learning to experience, identify, express and control feelings.
  • Social development means learning how to relate to others.  



Do not contend with people of the Book except in the fairest way ….

(The Holy Qur’an, al- Ankabut, 29:46).   More.....




Article   5  Peace Prize for Muhammad Yunus - a Credit to Nobel Committee  Mirza A. Beg

      The coveted Nobel Peace prize for the year 2006 went to Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh and the Grameen Bank (Villagers Bank, in Bengali language), he started in 1976. Returning with a degree in economics under the Fulbright scholarship from the United States, Muhammad Yunus was appalled by the famine in the wake of cyclone and floods of 1974. It compounded the terrible toll of the war of independence that gave birth to Bangladesh in 1971.  As a young economist with a prestigious degree and a teaching position at a college, he thought he could help. He traveled the country side and found people, particularly women severely indebted to money-lenders charging exorbitant interests, designed to keep them perpetually indebted, in effect indentured slavery. The local banks based on "sound capitalistic principles" could not help because the poor, who often go hungry, could not offer collateral (a guaranteed security).   More.....




                    By Jan Hunt, M.Sc

                    Statistics tell us that something has gone wrong in our world. A steadily rising rate of social ills, and the proliferation of self-help books and therapy techniques for "re parenting the inner child" attest to the sad fact that we have lost our way in raising our children. It is up to us as parents - despite our personal limitations - to give our children the right start in life: to help them become fulfilled, emotionally healthy adults, capable of loving and trusting others. Philosopher Blaise Pascal wrote that "the entire ocean is affected by a pebble." Our children should be like pebbles bringing forth waves of joy, not more sorrow and suffering.             More.....



Article   7   "Islam Is a Faith of Reason" 
                   (An Interview with H.H. Karim Agha Khan on Papal Controversial Remarks)

Karim Aga Khan IV, descendant of the prophet Muhammad and spiritual leader of 20 million Ismaili Muslims, discusses the foundations of his faith, the controversy over the pope's recent statements about Islam and ways of preventing a global clash between religions.    More.....


            Article   8     The Geography of the Place of the Dead  - A Discourse on the Immortality of Soul
                 by: Noyni, United Arab Emirates

                     In my years of existence on this planet, or maybe because of my ignorance of the "world", I did not expect that there are religious groups who do not believe that the soul of man has its perpetual senses even in the life after. I thought things like these were just the argument of science.     More.....




Article   9    From fanaticism to Sufism  -  by Jaan Haider (Pakistan)
               For the last few days, the federal capital is abuzz with news of the first-ever National Council of Sufism (NCS) which has been set up to promote Sufism in Pakistan. This council will work under the aegis of President General Pervez Musharraf, who will also be the Patron-in-Chief of this council. But detractors who always doubt the intentions of the government have been talking about the U-turn the government is suspected of taking even before the Council has started working. This seems to have become the modus operandi of the government. It comes up with something new and novel for the masses but woh wada hi kia jo wafa ho gia. What could be the factors that compelled the government to promote Sufism - that had been a part of our living, culture and civilization over centuries?  More.....


                  Article   10    Rumi's  Page                   



                  Article   11   MR. BAZARGAN'S LETTER TO THE POPE



                  Article   12   Useful tips for staying happy, healthy and young - Courtesy: Mohamed Kanani, Birmingham UK

Research reveals that people who generally live longer do so partly because of good habits.  Here, Dr  Vernon Coleman and others provide some of the following good habits for longevity.    More.....






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