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the Message Continues i/58   -   Newsletter for  June  2006




Article 1:





            The Holy Quran
             Translated by Abdullah Yusufali

             42. COUNCIL







Article 2:






Meet the Prophet of Islam !

“I began to look at him and at the moon, he was wearing a red mantle, and he appeared to be more beautiful than the moon to me.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

This is how Jabir ibn Samura described the Last of the Prophets, the Chief of the Pious, the Prince of the Believers, the Chosen One of the Most Merciful Muhammad, the Messenger of God.    More.....




Article 3:







Justice, a Supreme Value
by Murtadha Mutahhari
(continued from Article 9 of issue  i-54)

The first consequence of the sacred teachings of Islam was the influence exercised on the minds and ideas of its adherents. Not only did Islam introduce new teachings regarding the world, man, and his society, but also changed the ways of thinking. The importance of the latter achievement is not less than the former.    More.....





Article 4:









Terrorism is incompatible with Islam
by Nasir Shamsi

        Here is my take on the key issues that concern all of us on the anniversary of the terrible tragedy of subway bombings in last July in London, resulting in loss of innocent lives and injuries to many. This paper, I hope, will contribute towards understanding of the essence and spirit  of  the true teachings  of Islam; it will provide an insight into the beliefs and practices of the Muslims living in the West.    More.....





Article 5:

God Commands Us to be Just
by Harun Yahya

The true justice described in the Qur'an commands man to behave justly, not discriminating between people, protecting others' rights and not permitting violence, no matter what the circumstances, to side with the oppressed against the oppressor and to help the needy. This justice calls for the rights of both parties to be protected when reaching a decision in a dispute, assessing all aspects of an incident, setting aside all prejudices, being objective, honest, tolerant, merciful and compassionate. In the event one fails to display any of these characteristics or attaches greater importance to a particular one, then it becomes hard to exercise true justice. More.....







Article 6:






Yoginder Sikand

A principal premise of all forms of religious radicalism—Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim or other—is a stark and rigid dualism. Religious radicalism reflects a very simplistic, and, to its adherents, a very convenient way of looking at the world, saving them from the onerous task of carefully examining it in all its complexity. It divides all of humankind into two neat compartments, hermetically sealed off from each other and projected as being inherently and permanently at odds. One part of humanity is projected as consisting of the ‘chosen’ ones: fervent soldiers of God, ardently struggling against all odds to
implement His will. The rest of humankind is depicted as ‘deviant’, ‘irreligious’ or even worse: as enemies of God and helpers of the Devil.  









Article 7:











I completed sixty years of life in March, 1999 and I thought it is time to state what my beliefs are. I have spent years and years reflecting on many issues which kept on troubling me for long. The issues of philosophical and spiritual nature. I must state in the beginning that I was born in a Bohra orthodox priestly family. The Bohras are Shi'ah Isma'ili Muslims. My father was a learned scholar of Islam and serving the establishment of the Bohra head priest who holds the office of Da'i and popularly known as Saiyyidna (i.e. our Lord).  









Article 8:






Punishment of Apostasy in Islam
S.A Rahman (Rtd.) Chief Justice of Pakistan
(An excerpt from the book published by Kitab Bhavan, New Delhi, India)
The State of Pakistan is the end-result of a historical process which started with the
 first Muslim invasion of this subcontinent. Various factors, political, economic, social, 
cultural and religious, operated on and entered into the structure of the Muslim nation 
which emerged, in 1947, as a unique ideological State, comprising of two units 
separated by a thousand miles of hostile Indian territory. Its dominating inspiration, 
however, came from the religious consciousness of the Muslims of the subcontinent, 
which crystallized into an ardent longing for a terrestrial base for the working 
out of what was regarded as a Divine Plan of action in the socio-political sphere.














Article 9:







Reader rebuttal: The truth about Islam






Sunday, June 25, 2006

A recent book review by Orange County Register senior editorial writer Steven Green hut praised a book that argues that the minority of Muslim extremists who are involved in terrorism are not a deviation from, but rather a "natural result of following the actual teachings of Muhammad and the Quran" ["Islam, without blinders," Commentary, June 11].   More.....





Article 10:







Our life is actually a reflection of our thoughts and actions
Long ago in a small, far away village, there was a place known as, the House of 1000 Mirrors.

A small, happy little dog learned of this place and decided to visit it.
When he arrived, he bounced happily up the stairs to the doorway of the house.



















Article 11:







Values, not rituals are essence of religion







by Asghar Ali Engineer

What is religion? In actual practice religion consists of beliefs, dogmas, traditions, practices and rituals. A believer born in a religious tradition inherits all this and takes everything for granted and believes every thing he/she has inherited is an essential and integral part of religion. For him rituals are as important and integral as the values. However, while rituals are performed regularly, values are either violated, neglected or practiced mere symbolically. Rituals are, however, observed more meticulously.










Article 12:







Saladin's Begging Bowl
by Rumi
Of these two thousand "I" and "We" people,
which am I?     More.....







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