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the Message Continues i/55   -   Newsletter for  March  2006


Article 1:







   The Holy Qur’an:  Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali





   1. THE OPENING “Sura Fateha” (The First Sura)  More.....








Article 2:

Al-Askariya shrine: 'Not just a major cathedral'  By Sam Knight

The attack on the al-Askariya shrine marks the first time that Iraqi sectarian violence has targeted one of the country's central religious symbols.  More.....





Photo of Noor Inayat Khan.


Article 3:





Noor Anayat Khan: The Princess Who Became a Spy, She was a Sufi pacifist who fought for Britain and died at the hands of the Gestapo
by Boyd Tonkin

This is the story of a young Indian Muslim woman who joined a secret organization dedicated to acts of sabotage, subversion and terrorism across Europe. A fierce critic of British imperialism, she worked with passion and audacity to damage and disrupt the forces of law and order. Captured, she proved impenitent and uncontrollable. She died a horrific death in custody. And now, perhaps, is the right time to revisit the life of Princess Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan, George Cross, Croix de Guerre with gold star, MBE: the British secret agent who was kicked into a "bloody mess" on the stone floors of Dachau concentration camp through the night of 13 September 1944, and then shot with the word "Libert" on her lips. Hers, after all, is a remarkable chapter in the history of Muslims in Britain and the West.   More.....





Article 4:






How to Improve Your Personal Communication Style
by Peter Murphy
Your personal style is what makes you special, unique and interesting. 
And that is why you need to use your best attributes as the basis for how you deal with others.
Here are six super tips for improving your personal communication style:
1. Knowing how to improve communication skills will come easier once you become aware of your own communication style.  More.....





Article 5:







How to Start a Conversation Effortlessly - 5 Essential Tips
by Peter Murphy
If you are one of the millions who have difficulty in starting and participating in 
conversations, you should realize that life's successes and failures are closely 
related to the quality of your 
communication skills.
The ability to converse effortlessly with those you encounter is a critical component of all your personal and business relationships.  More.....




Article 6:





Build Confidence with Strategies that Really Work
by Peter Murphy
Building self-confidence is of great importance when it comes to developing even better 
communication skills. To expand your circle of friends or to become more successful 
at work you absolutely have to expand your horizons. And that all starts with cultivating 
ever greater self-confidence.  More.....





Article 7:




Sects and Violence  By VALI NASR, Monterey, Calif.

          THE bombing of the Golden Mosque in Samarra, Iraq, is an ominous development for America, Iraq and the entire Middle East. Just when it looked as if Muslims across the region were putting aside their differences to unite in protest against the Danish cartoons, the attack showed that Islamic sectarianism remains the greatest challenge to peace. It also highlighted the poor job America has done in trying to balance the interests of Shiite and Sunni Muslims in Iraq.   More.....





Article 8:









A Call to Conscience and a Reminder to the Muslims

....those who seek to destroy "cloisters, churches, synagogues and mosques wherein God's names are frequently invoked" Qur'an [22:40].

The Islamic Imperative:  

This week marked a day of outrage as the world saw a new low in the spiraling bloodshed and brutality that continues to pervade the daily lives of Iraqis. More.....





Article 9:




Destruction of Golden Mosque - Shameful & Cowardly Act

02-22-06 16:35


Feb 23, 2006

PLAINFIELD, IN – The Islamic Society of North America registers its deep shock and dismay over the destruction of the priceless shrine of Imam Mahdi, the Golden Mosque in Samarra. More.....



Article 10:








Ali Shariati and The Iste'mar Theory






By Tarek Heggy








Yesterday I was leafing through a number of Shariati's works that have been translated into Arabic and English, and re-read a booklet of his entitled "Intelligence – Isteh'mar", translated into Arabic in 1991. He states:  More.....




Article 11:






Islamic Education in China
Written by Jackie Armijo
        Over the last twenty years a wide range of Islamic educational opportunities have 
been developed to meet the needs of China's 20 million plus Muslim population. 
In addition to mosque schools, government Islamic colleges, and independent Islamic 
colleges, a growing number of students have gone overseas to continue their studies 
at international Islamic universities in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, and 
Malaysia.  More.....





Article 12:







Reunion (Vesal)  by  Rumi

Don't weep.
The joy that has gone will come 'round again in another form -
Have no doubt about this!

A child's first joy comes from its mother's milk;
After the child is weaned his joy comes from drinking sweet wine.   More.....








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