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the Message Continues i/54   -   Newsletter for  February  2006


Article 1:






The Holy Qur'an Translated by Yusefali




Sura 72. The Jinn " Sprites"   More....






Article 2:







The Ashura and Muharrem by Dr. Shahid Athar
     While the Iranian revolution had increased apprehension and distance between Shia Islam and USA, the current situation in Iraq and war on terrorism has brought them closer to each other. Thus American people and policy makers must try to understand the core of Shia Islam. More.....



Article 3:






Cartoon Wars: The Challenge for Muslims in the West
By Jeremy Henzell-Thomas
7 February 2006

The furor over the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, and the acres of newsprint and hours of air time expended on them raise many complex issues.

I would like to focus on only one of them, because I believe it be of such pressing importance that it trumps all the others at this time.  This is the problem of emotionalism and violence in the name of Islam. More.....








Article 4:







Everything You Possess is a Favor From Allah

In the world in which we live, Allah bestows many favors on man. All the needs of each living being are benevolently met; no detail is forgotten. 

Let's think about ourselves as examples. From the moment we wake in the morning, we need many things and encounter many situations. In brief, we survive due to the many favors bestowed upon us. More....




Article 5:






Self-Determination: The Fundamental Moral Principle of Islamic Economics
by Dr. Robert Dickson Crane
The issue in all normative economic theory, whether Islamic or Christian or natural law, is whether human equality or human freedom is the essence of justice and therefore the ultimate goal. More...








Article 6:






The Sacred Relics Trust

The Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul, Turkey has preserved hundreds of items that belonged to the Prophets, Companions, Caliphs and Heroes of Islam.

This collection of 605 relics includes the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) clothes, his sandals, his cup and his seal. Also included in this amazing collection are items like the Staff of Prophet Moses (pbuh), keys and locks of Ka’ba, Qur’anic verses written by ‘Uthman ibn ‘Affan, Sword of ‘Ali ibn Abu Talib and so much more.













Article 7:












Hazrat Inayat Khan

       The word Akasha in the language of the Hindus is expressive of a meaning that explains its object. Akasha means accommodation; not necessarily what man calls the sky, although the sky is an accommodation. On the model of the Akasha the whole creation has been based. The organs of the senses, the ears, the eyes, the nostrils, the mouth are all different aspects of Akasha, and thus is the human body constructed. The purpose of this construction can be found in its own nature; as the purpose of the ears is in hearing, of the nostrils in breathing, of the eyes in seeing, so is the purpose of the whole body.   More.....





Article 8:

Recognise the bounties of Allah - story of three men

      Once Sayyidina Rasulullah (pbuh) sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam related that there were three men from the Banu Isra'eel. One of them was a leper, the other bald, and the third blind. Allah Ta'ala wanted to test them, so He sent an angel to them. The angel first went to the leper and asked him: "What would you like best?" He replied: "I would like a nice complexion, a beautiful skin, and that this sickness goes away from me whereby people do not allow me to sit with them and which they hate." The angel passed his hand over the body of that person. He was immediately cured and a nice skin and beautiful complexion appeared. The angel then asked him: "What type of wealth do you like the most?" He replied: "Camels." So he gave him a pregnant camel and told him: "May Allah Ta'ala give you barakah in this."   More.....










Article 9:







GOVERNMENT AND JUSTICE:  by Murtdha Mutahari

The Nahj al-balaghah on State:
  One of the frequently discussed issues in the Nahj al-balaghah is that of government and justice. To anyone who goes through the book, it is evident to what extent 'Ali ('a) is sensitive to the issues related to government and justice. He considers them to be of paramount importance. For those who lack an understanding of Islam but have knowledge of the teachings of other religions, it is astonishing why a religious personage should devote himself to this sort of problems. Don't such problems relate to the world and worldly life'! Shouldn't a sage keep aloof from the matters of the world and society? They wonder.    More.....




Article 10:







Distancing themselves from the bloody riots that have rocked cities around the Muslim world following the now-infamous Danish cartoon defamation of the Islamic prophet, moderate Muslims from the Bay Area held a forum on Sunday to reaffirm their faith's tenets: love and peace in the name of Allah.  More.....



Article 11:


      I have been asked to speak on the ways and means to attain peace of mind, the most sought after objective/commodity of the human race since time immemorial. In the modern age, especially in North America, it would appear that most of us are in a state of perpetual restlessness despite enjoying good health care and basic economic security. Analyzing the causes of this restlessness has led me to identify ten possible solutions to attain peace of mind. I have called them "Ten commandments", because they need to be followed religiously if we are sincere to achieve perfect peace of mind. Here they are with brief explanations: More.....




Article 12:






The good will return to you!  by  Rumi

If you speak well of another, the good will return to you. The good and praise you speak of another you speak in reality of yourself. A parallel would be when someone plants a garden and herb bed around his house. Every time he looks out he sees flowers and herbs. More.....










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