The Holy Quran "Sura 62" (Congregation-Friday)                        Article 1 

by late Dr. Syed Haider Hussain Shamsi
( Excerpt from his book, " And The Message Continues --The Imams of the Ahlul Bayt " ). This book can be read online in the Book Section of this site         
Article 2  

Allama Iqbal's Tribute to Imam Hussain (a), the grandson of the Prophet (s)

Dr Muhammad Iqbal (1877- 1938) known to the world as the Poet-Philosopher of the East, devoted his life to awaken the Muslim Ummah and to make it pursue the path of knowledge, jihad, and martyrdom.                                                        Article 3  


Status of Muslim Societies Around the World   Dr.M.I.H. Farooqi 

There was a time when Islamic Civilization was considered as the most advanced, tolerant and progressive in the world. This was mainly because of their accomplishments in almost all disciplines of knowledge. After the16th century, situation changed drastically. Learning and inquiry remained no more the motto of the Muslims, with the result that today they occupy the lowest position on the ladder of the civilized world. They are educationally backward, scientifically marginal, politically insignificant and economically poor. This is the present status of the entire Ummah in the comity of nations.
                                                                                                Article 4  

The Need to Cultivate Ethics
Benefits and the Necessarily (Excerpt from the book al-Siraj by Husain ibn Sadiq al-Bahrani  English translation by Yasin al-jibouri (The Lantern on the Path to Allah 
Almighty ).
Be informed, may Allah assist you, that the Prophet (a) has said, ‘I was sent (to mankind) in order to perfect the virtues of ethics’ (Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. 68, p. 382).                                                                                                          
  Article 5  

Pakistan's religious tragedy.   Dr Muzaffar Iqbal
Pakistan's true tragedy is not its endless raw violence, political chaos, or 
military-mullah confrontation. The real tragedy is the betrayal of its leaders  

 Article 6  

America's best-selling poet is not Billy Collins, whose folksy, humorous work 
won him two terms as U.S. poet laureate. It's not Robert Frost, the four-time  Pulitzer Prize winner whose reading at John F. Kennedy's 1961 inauguration is  still studied by students. ("The land was ours before we were the land's  ...") And it's not Edgar Allan Poe, whose "The Raven" has been called "the  best-known poem in the Western Hemisphere."
                                                                                       Article 7  


The classical American paradigm vs. The classical Islamic paradigm
by Robert Crane 
(Excerpt from his Paper read at a Conference in Khartoum)

The Western paradigm is not modern secular liberalism but what the Founders of America called traditionalism, which they borrowed from the century long Whig movement in England. This was to bring out the best of the past. The American revolutionaries unnecessarily staged a revolution because they were too impatient. This impatience killed the movement in England that gave rise to the Great American Experiment.                                                                                        
Article 8  


[By Dr. Mohamed Elmasry -- January 2 , 2005]

What do you say to a friend who is the only surviving member of her extended family, a total of more than 50 persons? Just what do you say? Do you express gratitude for her survival... or sorrow for her unimaginable loss? What words can truly speak to such immeasurable shock and grief? 
                                                            Article 9  


Bizarro Umma by Omar Gatto 

Welcome to the Bizarro Umma, where down is up, forward is backward, and wrong becomes right.
The Bizarro Umma believes in the three bizarre illusions. The first illusion 
is that going down is actually going up. The second is that the way forward is 
actually backward. And the third exchanges right for wrong.  
             Article 10  

Sakina--the beloved daughter of Hussain (a)
by Okasha Naqvi, 15 NJ

"Baba!" I cried my heart was pounding loud enough for the soldiers to hear,
my body shivered with thundered fear.  
                                             Article 11  

Justice by Rumi

What is justice? To put a thing in its right place.
What is injustice? To put a thing in its wrong place.
Nothing is vain that God has created,  
                                               Article 12  



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